Free! Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Animal Flashcards

Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Flashcards (Free Printable with Real Photos)

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Who doesn’t love baby animals? Your kids will love learning about Farm Animals Adults and Babies with these Adult and Baby Farm Animals FlashcardsThis is a great addition to your Adult and Baby Animals curriculum and will add discovery and excitement to your Science Center! This printable features real photos which adds such a great realistic feel! 

Grab all the Adult and Baby Animals in this Bundle! Includes both Farm and Wild Animals!

Adult and Baby Animals

Flashcards – Free Printable

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Adults and Their Babies Flashcards – Farm Animals

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This printable series is absolutely one of my favourites simply because of the adorable images included. All of the pictures are real photos, and the babies are simply so CUTE! Today’s printable is a follow up to the previous post with flashcards. The same pictures are provided in a flashcard format. If you wish to teach your learners using flashcards, then grab this printable.

Animals Included:

  • Sheep (lamb)
  • Goat (kid)
  • Cow (calf)
  • Dog (puppy)
  • Horse (foal)
  • Chicken (chick)
  • Goose (gosling)
  • Duck (duckling)
  • Pig (piglet)
  • Donkey (foal)
  • Rabbit (kit)
  • Cat (kitten)
  • Rat (pup)
  • Cockatoo (chick)
  • Guinea pig (pup)
  • Ferret (kit)
  • Frog (tadpole)
  • Squirrel (kit)
  • Turkey (poult)
  • Camel (foal)

As you might notice, the common farm animals that kids might be more familiar with are included, such as cow, horse, duck etc. However, in order to make this a more comprehensive set, I also included some other domestic animals, that kids might not necessarily associate as farm animals. However, these can be included, since they are domesticated and can be kept on a farm. Examples of these animals, would be ferret, squirrel, cockatoo etc. 

Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Flashcards

Ideas for Using the printable:

  • Punch a hole using a hole puncher and put the flashcards onto a ring binder. Learners can flip through the flashcards to learn about the farm animals adults and their babies. This can be used as a vocabulary enrichment activity.
  • Incorporate the flashcards into a farm unit to teach about farm animals and their babies.
  • Use farm animals figurines, and match them to the animals on the posters. Check out the figurines we used below.
  • The flashcards can be used as a matching activity. The adult flashcards can be placed into a pocket chart holder and the learner will have to pick up the baby animal and match it to the correct adult animal. Alternatively, you can simply use a table or a mat on the floor.
  • The cards can be used as a memory game. Students will have to use the cards as a memory game between the adult and baby animals. For this, take the cards and place them in a grid, face down. Students will flip over a pair of cards, if the cards are matching adult and baby animals, then the pair will remain face up, if not they will have to flip it over and start again. Begin with a small number of pairs and increase the number of cards used to increase the difficulty level.

My Amazon Picks: Farm Animal Figurines

Below are some of my favorite figurines that I absolutely love to use when teaching about farm animals or their babies. These figurines are small, but are extremely detailed. Check them out using the affiliate links below. 

Materials Required:

Preparing the Farm Animals Adult and Baby Flashcards printable:

  • Simply download and print.
  • Laminate if desired and cut apart to create the flashcards.

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