Free! Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Posters

Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Posters (Free Printable with Real Photos)

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Who doesn’t love baby animals? Your kids will love learning about Farm Animals Adults and Babies with these Farm Animals – Adult and Baby Posters! This is a great addition to your Adult and Baby Animals curriculum and will add discovery and excitement to your Science Center! This printable features real photos which adds such a great realistic feel!

Grab all the Adult and Baby Animals in this Bundle! Includes both Farm and Wild Animals!

Adult and Baby Animals

Farm Animals Adult and Baby Posters – Free Printable

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Adults and Their Babies – Farm Animals

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Children love learning about animals, and even adults will love these adorable farm animals! The pictures used are all real photos isolated on a white background. I personally really love the photos in this printable and I do hope your learners will enjoy them as much. 

The posters include pictures of adults and babies of the common farm animals such as cow, pig, horse, chicken and so on. However, in order to make this set more comprehensive I also included in several domesticated animals such as frog, ferret, squirrel. Children will love these pictures as well, due to the clarity they offer and the adorable nature of the animals. This printable with its pictures really make this one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

This printable contains:

  • 20 posters about farm animals adults and their babies.
    • Sheep (lamb)
    • Goat (kid)
    • Cow (calf)
    • Dog (puppy)
    • Horse (foal)
    • Chicken (chick)
    • Goose (gosling)
    • Duck (duckling)
    • Pig (piglet)
    • Donkey (foal)
    • Rabbit (kit)
    • Cat (kitten)
    • Rat (pup)
    • Cockatoo (chick)
    • Guinea pig (pup)
    • Ferret (kit)
    • Frog (tadpole)
    • Squirrel (kit)
    • Turkey (poult)
    • Camel (foal)

Ideas for Using the printable:

  • Punch a hole using a hole puncher and put the posters onto a ring binder. Learners can flip through the posters whenever they want to learn about the farm animals adults and their babies.
  • Incorporate the posters into a farm unit to teach about farm animals and their babies.
  • Use farm animals figurines, and match them to the animals on the posters.
  • Print the posters in a smaller size, and put the cards into a pocket chart holder. The posters can be used as a writing centers, where learners can make simple sentences such as ‘A lamb is the young one of a sheep’, ‘A lamb is a baby sheep’, and so on. The students can refer to the posters as reference when writing their sentences.
  • Get learners to engage in discussion about the printable. For e.g. ask them to comment about differences between the young one and the adult. The obvious difference would be size. Apart from this ask them to comment on things such as colour, amount of fur or feathers, presence of horns, etc. 

My Amazon Picks:

Below are some of my favorite figurines that I absolutely love to use when teaching about farm animals or their babies. These figurines are small, but are extremely detailed. Check them out using the affiliate links below. 

Materials Required:

Preparing the printable:

  • Simply download and print.
  • Laminate if desired and cut apart to create the posters.

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