Fire Safety Firefighter Vocabulary Word Cards (with real photos!)

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Fire Safety Firefighter Vocabulary Word Cards (with real photos!)

Trucker really loves anything related to community helpers, I’m not even kidding, I just have to say community helpers, and he comes running to learn about them! It’s fascinating for him to see and learn the different occupations that each person does and how each person contributes back to the society in their own special and unique way. I have now tried to incorporate everything (including addition and subtraction!) that he learns using community helpers which has greatly helped the learning process and made it much more enjoyable for both him and me. :)

I really enjoyed using the community helpers unit from There are an amazing number of sorting mats, emergent readers and a whole bunch of activities and games to carry out with the kids.

In addition, to that I felt that I simply had to finish out his learning about community helpers with a set of vocabulary cards for each community. And that is exactly what I made! I made a set of vocabulary cards to complement his learning about firefighters.

I absolutely love these vocabulary cards, they feature real images, and I have tried to include nearly everything that a kinder student will need to learn about firefighters. He has seen most of these on his multiple visits to the fire station (we’ve been there 4 times now!) so he could related to everything pretty fast. He has a habit of telling me about what happened on each of his visits when he sees the cards, so we end talking about firefighters for good 30 minutes!

The vocabulary cards consists of 19 vocabulary words. The picture shows some of the words, I have included a complete list of the words below.

Vocabulary included:

– Firefighter, Fire Station, Fire truck, Fire helmet, Fire hose, Fire hydrant, Fire boots, Rescue equipment, Fire extinguisher, Oxygen tank, Dalmatian, Smoke, Fire, Axe, Fire alarm, Mask, Fire pole, Ambulance, Ladder

To get your own copy of the firefighter vocabulary cards, click here to purchase this set. You will be redirected to my TpT store.

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