Halloween Alphabet Puzzles

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If you’re planning a halloween unit or looking for a fun way to work on recognizing the alphabet and beginning sounds, these playful, hands-on and engaging alphabet puzzles are sure to do the trick. Your preschoolers and kindergarteners are sure to have a blast learning with these Halloween Alphabet Puzzles.

Grab your set below and then head over and continue the learning with this fun set of Alphabet Mystery Puzzles which has tons of fun alphabet recognition activities and beginning sounds activities.

Halloween Alphabet Puzzles

These puzzles are especially fun because it is Halloween themed. All the clipart used are related to everything that’s spooky, scary and screams Halloweeen! Grab this printable and have loads of spooky fun! Simply, download, print and laminate to prep the puzzles and you are ready to go.

Halloween Alphabet Printables Freebie

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Materials for preparation

To prep these puzzles, print the pages on cardstock and laminate for durability. Then cut apart along the black lines to separate it into puzzle pieces. To keep all the pieces together secure them using a paperclip or binder clip. The pieces can be stored in a zip lock bag or in a small container.

Using the Halloween Themed Alphabet Puzzles:

These puzzles are perfect for a Halloween theme. Your kiddos will LOVE the spooky fun in this printable. This printable will allow little learners to practice their alphabet recognition, matching as well as practicing their beginning sounds. There are a total of 26 puzzles; one for each letter of the alphabet.

Present your learner with one puzzle if they are still learning to recognize their alphabet. It is best to only present one puzzle at a time to prevent overwhelming your learners with information. 

The learner will need to match the uppercase to the lowercase letter and then match the puzzle piece with the matching beginning sound to complete the puzzle.

For example, the learner will pick the uppercase letter ‘C’ and match it to the lowercase letter ‘c’. They will find the puzzle piece containing the object that starts with c which is cauldron and they will match this as well to complete the puzzle. In this way, they will continue through the rest of the puzzles until they finish the whole set.

To make this activity tougher for your learners, you can jumble up different pieces of the puzzles so they will have to sort through the different pieces to figure out the puzzles. Keep things simple and have fun doing this activity!

Check out these alphabet printables for more fun:

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