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    2D SHAPES Wheels Clip Cards (with real photos)


    These 2D Shape Wheels are just perfect for young learners who are learning shapes. The images used are real photos of real life objects. These wheel clip cards are a motivating way to work on identifying 2D shapes in real life objects. Learners will clip the photos that match the one in the center of…

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    Number Bond File Folder Activity


    This HANDS-ON and ENGAGING number bond file folder activity is perfect for giving students the practice they need to help them understand number bonds. The folder includes two activities. – Make the number bond (using numbers attached with velcro) – Write the equation (includes 4 lines of equations, to help students understand how the number…

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    Solar System Sorting Mats


    Grab this set of solar system sorting mats to allow even the young learners to experience and explore space. This pack contains 6 sorting mats, featuring items related to space. Featuring real photos these sorting mats are sure to grab the attention of your young learner and help them to develop an interest. Names of…