2D SHAPES Wheels Clip Cards (with real photos)


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These 2D Shape Wheels are just perfect for young learners who are learning shapes. The images used are real photos of real life objects.

These wheel clip cards are a motivating way to work on identifying 2D shapes in real life objects.

Learners will clip the photos that match the one in the center of the wheel. Only 4 of the images match the shape in the center. The other four aren’t a match.

This packet can be used to strengthen fine motor skills, explore during morning work or used as supplemental literacy/math centers. The clip cards are skill-based, they are not thematic, so they can be used anytime during the year.

The centers are best used once printed on cardstock and/or laminated. You can choose to implement these centers in an independent way or use with small-groups.

There are two options for printing.

– A single wheel per page

– Two wheels per page

Print, laminate and cut apart to create the wheels. Provide your learners with clip cards and ask them to clip the correct shapes on the card.

There’s one wheel for each of the following 12 shapes:

– Circle

– Oval

– Square

– Rectangle

– Trapezium

– Star

– Heart

– Octagon

– Hexagon

– Pentagon

– Triangle

– Rhombus

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