Alphabet Beginning Sounds Clip Card



These Alphabet Beginning Sounds Clip Cards are perfect for practicing those tricky beginning sounds. Grab these Alphabet Wheels for some Alphabet Beginning sounds practice.

These hands-on and engaging Alphabet wheels are designed for young children who are learning to differentiate between initial letter sounds. Each wheel features both the upper and lower case letter, and focuses on a single letter and sound.

Children will use wooden clothespin and clip the words that starts with the sound around the circle. This activity is ideal for learners who are familiar with the 26 letter sounds and need practice differentiating between beginning sounds in words.

For each wheel learners only need to clip four options. For example, for the letter Aa, learners will clip astronaut, ant, alligator and apple. They will leave out bat, mixer, police officer and zebra, since these words start with letters other than Aa.

The printable contains wheels for Letters A-Z. There are a total of 27 wheels. The letter X has two wheels; one for the words that start with Xx (x-ray, xylophone etc) and the other wheel contains words that end with Xx (mix, box, etc).

The printable is offered in two options.

– A single wheel per page

– Two wheels per page

This printable can be used to strengthen fine motor skills, explore during morning work or used as supplemental literacy/math centers.

The centers are best used once printed on cardstock and/or laminated. You can choose to implement these centers in an independent way or use with small-groups.

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