Recycling Sorting Activity – Earth Day Activity



Have fun this Earth Day with this fun and hands-on Sorting Recycling Activity. This Earth day activity is perfect to teach your learners about recycling and its importance. Learners will sort the items into the different bins and learn about the different materials that can be recycled.

⭐This printable is also included in the Earth Day Bundle.

This printable contains:

—> 7 different recycling bins

—> Items of different materials to be sorted into the different bins


•Print out the pages and laminate if desired.

•Cut apart the bins, and the items for recycling.

•Discuss with your learners about what items can be recycled and how they must be separated into different bins for recycling.

•Ask your learner to pick up a card, name it and if possible to mention what material the item is made of.

•Then ask them, under which bin they think the item should be placed.

•Continue this until all the items have been sorted.

•If your learner can read, you can give the sheet with the sorting information and ask them to see whether the items have been sorted correctly.

•To make this activity self-checking, put a small coloured dot behind, matching the bin colour.

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