Solar System Sorting Mats



Grab this set of solar system sorting mats to allow even the young learners to experience and explore space. This pack contains 6 sorting mats, featuring items related to space.

Featuring real photos these sorting mats are sure to grab the attention of your young learner and help them to develop an interest. Names of the cards can be printed at the back of the card if you wish.

Learners are required to sort the cards according to the category they belong to.

The pack contains:

–> 6 sorting mats (planet, galaxy, crater, constellation, comet, moon)

–> 36 sorting cards with real photos (these can be used as flashcards as well)

–> 6 cards for each for the categories (planet, galaxy, crater, constellation, comet,


–> Print the sorting mats and the sorting cards. Laminate and cut apart.

–> Stick clear velcro dots at the back if you want to prevent the cards from moving around.

–> Ask your learner to pick up a card and identify which category it belongs to. You can read the name at the back of the card as well.

–> To make things easier, use only 2 mats at a time. To challenge your learners, use more mats.

–> Older learners can be asked to research about the characteristics that classify each item and write those down.

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