Toddler Busy Book | Matching Sorting Activities

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This toddler busy book features a range of matching and sorting activities perfect for children aged one to three years old. Featuring a simple visual format, these fun and interactive hands-on activities allow children to become familiar with and identify the names of common animals and objects grouped by theme.

What is included in this set of toddler matching and sorting activities?

14 toddler matching activities:

1. Farm Animals

2. Wild Animals

3. Ocean Animals

5. Birds

6. Fruits

7. Vegetables

8. Shapes

9. Shapes

10. Colours

11. Insects

12. Community Helpers

13. Design your Car

14. Life Cycle of a Chicken.

6 toddler sorting activities

Click here for a preview of one of the sorting activities.

1. Farm and wild animals (FREE!)

2. Vegetables and fruits

3. Hot and cold (sort the objects)

4. Small and big (sort the cars)

5. Ocean and land animals

6. Match the produce to the farm animal

Please note: I will be adding more topics with time, but this file currently contains 20 activities covering the mentioned topics.


Simply print, laminate and cut out the pieces. Each activity can be placed in a binder for easy storage and to encourage your child to work independently.


Each activity has been designed to be differentiated depending on your child’s learning stage.

Variations include:

1. Picture and word format: display similar to a poster to introduce vocabulary to younger children

2. Picture to picture matching: encourage children to say the words as they match the pictures for a multi-sensory activity

3.Picture to word matching: for more advanced children who are able to identify beginning sounds

4. Sorting activities: best completed with support when your toddler is ready

Other resources suitable for toddlers:

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