20+ Spring Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

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Spring is always a magical time with baby animals and all the lovely flowers blooming! So what better way than to use some spring sensory bins for your kids and toddlers. These 21 spring sensory bin ideas will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own spring sensory bin this spring season!

Spring Sensory Bin Ideas

21 Spring Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids

Look through all of the 21 spring sensory bin ideas to get all the inspiration you need!

Spring sensory table activity for kids

This muddy oobleck sensory table from Fun With Mama is a fun and messy oobleck sensory bin with animals. Kids can play with the animals in the oobleck and get the toy animals muddy. They can also wash off the oobleck from the animals in a water tray. This sensory bin allows for learners to explore the dual nature of oobleck.

spring sensory activities

Have some fun with water beads with this fun watermelon themed sensory bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning! Learners can play around with the pink, red and black water beads. They can scoop it using tongs, ice cream scoops and have a ton of fine motor practice all while having fun.

spring sensory math activity

The hidden math puzzles within this colorful spring sensory bin from Little Bins for Little Hands are a great and exciting learning activity for your preschoolers. Engage your learners with the bright and colorful rice in this sensory bin along with the hands-on math puzzles.

Spring kindergarten math and literacy centers

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spring sensory activity for preschoolers

Explore rainbows and butterflies with this fun rainbow and butterflies oat filled sensory bin from Fun With Mama. Learn about colors and have fun playing and exploring the colorful butterflies with the colored oats. The oats provide a great sensory experience for your learners.

rabbit and eggs sensory bin

This spring sensory box from Learning and Exploring Through Play contains fun spring themed objects such as bunnies, eggs, chicks, flowers. Add everything in with yellow colored rice and have fun with scoops and cups.

sensory bin ideas garden

Practice counting and planting seeds with this fun hands-on gardening math sensory bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Using colorful pom-poms this sensory bin allows for learners to practice counting, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence. Learners will ‘plant the seeds’ all while also practicing their fine motor skills.

insects and bug sensory bin

For all your learners who love creepy crawlies this bugs sensory bin from Fun With Mama is the perfect thing for them! Put in all the fun bugs figurines and with green colored rice as the filler, this sensory bin allows for much exploration and playing. This works great for a fun team or partner activity even with their siblings.

spring sensory bag activity

If you have kids who dislike too much sensory stimulation then this spring sensory bag from Learning and Exploring Through Play will make for a great sensory play. You can fill the bag with water beads and some spring themed gems and top it up with water. This would make for a great table sensory activity.

butterfly sensory bin

Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with this sensory bin from Little Bins for Little Hands. This sensory bin uses rice, rotini pasta, shells pasta, and bow tie pasta to represent the different stages of the life cycle in a butterfly. Combined with other items such as sticks, leaves and butterfly toys for a hands-on sensory experience.

bugs sensory bin spring

If your kiddos are dirt-attracting kids (whose kids aren’t), then these digging for bugs sensory bins from Our Kid Things are a great activity for them. Fill your bin with dry, black beans and plastic bugs. Give your learners scoopers, tongs and cups and let them explore!

flowers sensory bin activity

This spring themed sensory bin from Buggy and Buddy is a simple and easy sensory bin to set up. Use mini flower pots with green split peas as a filler and put straws or other fine motor tools such tongs and scoops.

bee spring sensory bin

This bee sensory bin from Fun A Day is a great activity for even simple transitions. You can set it up in small boxes and let children play while waiting in the morning or after lunch. Feel free to include anything relevant to bees in this box such as flowers, buttons and other suitable items.

flower soup spring sensory box

This Flower Sensory Bin from Adventure in a Box is such a hands-on flower soup activity. For this sensory bin, just add whatever flowers you have in bloom during the season including leaves as well. Fill up the tub with water and then let your kids have fun in it. This is great for an outdoor sensory bin and you can also allows kids to dip their toes in it as well if they want!

chicks spring sensory box

With plastic eggs, chicks and feathers this hatching chick sensory bin from Messy Little Monster is a great hide and seek sensory bin. You can add alphabet letters into the plastic eggs as well for a fun surprise activity for kids to discover as they open up each egg to ‘hatch them’.

backyard critters bug sensory bin

This Bug Sensory Bin Activities from Life Over C’s is such a great outdoor sensory bin. It combines so many outdoor elements for a great critters sensory bin. With moss, grass, plants, sticks, stones and soil this sensory bin definitely brings in all the fun outdoor aspects into one single bin.

water sensory bin

For a fun water sensory table, this scented water sensory bin from Fun A Day is a really quick sensory bin to set-up. Just mix some scented shampoo together with water and add in scoops, cups and funnels to give them endless open-ended play. You can also add in animals for your learners to scrub and wash as well.

frog pond sensory box

Learners can explore the pond habitat using this frog sensory bin from Life Over C’s. They can explore the frog life cycle and it’s habitat. They can also focus on language skills that are related to the frog to build up their vocabulary knowledge.

frog pond water sensory bin

Another pond sensory bin would be this frog pond water bead sensory play from Messy Little Monster. This water bead sensory bin allows for so much hands-on exploration and open-ended play with your younger learners.

Caution: Just make sure to only use sensory bins with water beads under close supervision as ingesting one of water beads can be a serious health risk.

spring garden sensory tub

For a fun garden activity this garden sensory bin from No Time for Flashcards, not just looks like a garden it feels like one too! With lentils, beans, peas and flower pots this super cute garden sensory bin has so much for a great sensory experience.

spring sensory bin ideas

This spring sensory bin from Natural Beach Living uses sand, eggs and sticks for a super simple and fun sensory bin. This could work great for a sensory writing practice activity as well.

flower spring sensory bin ideas

For a fun flower themed activity, this floating flowers sensory bin from Teaching Mama is a such a cute idea! Fill up a bin with water, place some rocks and flowers and let them have fun scooping up the flowers and playing with the water.

And there you have it! 21 Spring sensory bin ideas for your learners to try out and for you to get plenty of inspiration of what your next bin can be!

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