Zoo Animals Addition to 5 Task Cards

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I love teaching maths using task cards as opposed to worksheets because they just seem less daunting and normally are straightforward to solve. Task cards are ideal for students who don’t like being overwhelmed with numbers and like to go through questions one by one instead of having to deal with looking at multiple questions on the same page.

Also, if you love differentiating your activities and printables scroll all the way to the bottom, these task cards are available covering addition to 5, 10 and 20. And best part, all 4 sets of addition task cards are FREE!

Today, I am sharing a freebie which is useful for learners who are just learning addition, or can add up to 5. These task cards include addition to 5 and can be used be strengthen their understanding in addition to 5. 

There are a total of 20 task cards and is zoo animal themed, so it can be used with an animal unit or anytime throughout the year. You can opt to print the cards either in colour or black and white.


Print the cards on cardstock in colour on black and white.

Laminate if desired, and cut the cards apart.

Provide a set of cards and a stack of recording sheets at a center.

Or stick the cards around the room and ask them to find the cards.

Students read the question and figure out the answer and write it down.

If the students are still learning their addition facts, provide them with counters such as cubes, or counting bears to aid in their addition. Alternatively, you can provide a ten frame sheet, which has been laminated and ask them to place the counters into the frame and find the total, or colour in the frame and find the total.

To grab your copy of this printable just fill up the form below and you will receive the file in your email. Thank you!

Zoo Animals Addition to 5 Task Cards

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