Adult and Baby Animals Bundle – Puzzles, Flashcards, Posters




Your students will have a blast learning about adult and baby animals with these hands-on animals and babies activities for kindergarten! This printable contains adorable real photos of adult and baby animals. Including both wild and farm animals, they make the perfect addition to your kindergarten science centers. This bundle contains 8 printables and activities including matching games, puzzles, posters, labels, and graphic organizers. Each activity will help learners to associate the young one with its respective parent. For a detailed look at all activities included in this resource, please see the preview above.

The bundle is split into wild and farm animals due to the number of animals included. For a complete list of animals included check the list at the bottom of the description.

The activities and printables included in this bundle are:

  • Flashcards
  • Picture and Label Cards
  • Posters
  • Puzzles
  • What Goes Together?
  • Dominoes
  • Memory Game
  • Labels and Graphic Organizers

How to use: Adult and Baby Animals Science Activities for Kindergarten

The center activities are best used when printed on cardstock and/or laminated. You can choose to implement these centers in an independent way or use them with small groups.

All the photos are real-life photos. The baby animal photos are absolutely adorable and learners will simply love these photos!

Here’s what my happy customers are saying about this resource:

“Perfect for our unit on animal offspring. Great variety and organized well. Thank you!”

Farm Animals included are:

  • Sheep (lamb)
  • Goat (kid)
  • Cow (calf)
  • Dog (puppy)
  • Horse (foal)
  • Chicken (chick)
  • Goose (gosling)
  • Duck (duckling)
  • Pig (piglet)
  • Donkey (foal)
  • Rabbit (kit)
  • Cat (kitten)
  • Rat (pup)
  • Cockatoo (chick)
  • Guinea pig (pup)
  • Ferret (kit)
  • Frog (tadpole)
  • Squirrel (kit)
  • Turkey (poult)
  • Camel (foal)

Wild Animals included are:

  • Tiger (cub)
  • Lion (cub)
  • Elephant (calf)
  • Polar Bear (cub)
  • Cheetah (cub)
  • Panda (cub)
  • Fox (cub)
  • Crocodile (hatchling)
  • Leopard (cub)
  • Hippo (calf)
  • Rhinoceros (calf)
  • Hedgehog (hoglet)
  • Raccoon (kit)
  • Seal (pup)
  • Deer (fawn)
  • Herring gull (chick)
  • Giraffe (calf)
  • Zebra (foal)
  • Sea lion (pup)
  • Hyena (cub)
  • Penguin (chick)
  • Vulture (chick)

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