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Looking for a fun and hands-on Spring Graphing Activity? This Spring Roll and Graph Activity is perfect for your Kindergarten Math Centers. This printable provides a fun and engaging way for learners to practice graphing and recording. In this simple activity, learners will roll a dice and record their results into the graphing table provided.

Check the preview for a look inside.

What is included in this printable?

– 2 printable dice templates

– 2 graphing tables

Using this printable:

– Print and laminate the graphing mats. There are two mats included depending on the dice being used.

– Print the dice templates. Cut apart and create the dice following the template. There are two dice included.

– Learners will roll the dice, and graph their results onto the table.

Extension of the activity:

– Learners can analyze the results obtained.

– Ask which object had the most rolls, which had the least, etc.

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