Winter Rhyming Center – Snowman Rhyming Word Families



Looking for a fun winter rhyming center? These Snowman Word Families are the perfect wintery literacy center to practice rhyming. Learners will have fun building their rhyming snowman word families with this fun Build a Rhyming Snowman activity. This packet will help learners practice their word families all while building a snowman. Learners will identify the words that rhyme with each other and match the snowballs under the correct word family based on the rhyming sounds. There are a total of 26 word families included in this printable. For the complete list, check out the preview above.

What is included in this Winter Snowman Rhyming Activity for Kindergarten?

  • 26 Word Families
  • List of Words
  • Black and White copies (also includes a version with less color ink)
  • Includes versions with and without words

Most of the word families have 5 corresponding pictures, except for a few word families. The snowman heads contain the word family on the top of the hat, while the snowballs contain the pictures of the different word families.

How do learners complete this Winter Snowman Rhyming Puzzles activity?

  • Present learners with the snowballs and the snowman head word families.
  • Learners will sound out the word and identify the word that rhymes with it and match the pieces together to build the snowman.
  • Learners will match the pictures in the snowballs to the heads of the snowman with the correct word family. They will continue doing this until they finish building the snowman word family.
  • They will create a rhyming snowman.

Preparing this Winter Literacy Activity for Kindergarten:

  • Print the pages, laminate them and cut them apart.


This activity can be differentiated by changing the number of snowballs and word families used at a single time depending on the learner’s needs. To make this activity more challenging present the learner with more word families and snowball pictures to work with and vice versa.

How to best use this Kindergarten Rhyming Snowman Literacy Center:

  • Explore during morning workย 
  • Assign as supplemental literacy centersย 
  • Implement these centers in an independent way or use them with small-groups.

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