No Prep Multiplication Mazes Free Printable

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Looking for a fun way to practice those tricky multiplication facts? Grab these No Prep Multiplication Mazes FREE printable to spice things up a little bit! Students will have a blast solving the facts and working their way through the maze.

No Prep Multiplication Mazes

No Prep Multiplication Mazes Free Printable

Once students have understood the concept of multiplication, they are then ready to start memorizing these facts so they can apply it. These printables are not themed, so it can be used any time of the year to practice multiplication.

This printable is FREE. Simply scroll to the end of this post, and enter your details into the blue box at the end of this post. You should receive┬á me an email with the printable. Do check your junk or spam email, as it might have ended up there as well. If you have any issues please contact me at [email protected]

No Prep Multiplication Mazes

How to Teach Multiplication

Trucker has recently been learning multiplication so I have gone on a quest to make some fun and engaging printables to help him master his multiplication. I must say I was initially quite terrified on how to introduce multiplication since the concept somehow seems so much more advanced and complicated as compared to addition.

And unlike addition, in multiplication, the numbers increase much faster so using manipulatives becomes a little inconvenient and can be quite messy (at least that was the case for me). In this case I found using printable multiplication puzzles and these multiplication fact booklets a much easier approach to teach the concept of multiplication. The simple and cute clipart definitely made these so much more attractive. Check out the ones we used below.

Multiplication Puzzles Array Matching Game

An Easy Way To Tackle Teaching Multiplication

In this post, I talk a little bit about how multiplication can be introduced to learners using printable puzzles. The printables are FREE so make sure you head over and grab your copy. I also use these multiplication fact booklets to introduce multiplication using repeated addition.

In short, I start off by teaching multiplication using repeated addition of equal groups. This is mainly due to a couple of reasons. The first being that learners are already familiar with addition, so seeing how multiplication connects to addition makes so much more sense to the learners. The other reason is to make learners see how multiplication can make calculations simpler. For e.g. if they had to find the total for 3 groups of 9, the repeated addition would look like 9+9+9 but with multiplication it would simply be 3×9.

Once, learners are familiar with the concept of multiplication by using repeated addition of equal groups, I will then introduce it using arrays. This is again really easy, since you can simply show how arrays are basically equal groups arranged in a nice and neat manner with rows and columns. I again introduced the concept of arrays using this hands-on multiplication arrays puzzle printable. It is FREE as well so be sure to grab your copy.

Once learners have mastered repeated addition of equal groups and arrays they are now ready to practice their multiplication facts. Understanding their concepts is extremely important, so be sure to proceed to this step only when you are sure that learners are familiar with their concepts and are now ready to tackle the memorization part of multiplication. If you feel that your learner isn’t ready to proceed to the step of memorization I would recommend revising the concept of multiplication before proceeding with them.

Do not rush into memorizing the facts

It is okay to sometimes slow down and take things one step at a time. Having to rush them into memorizing their facts without them understanding their concepts will not be helpful for their learning. A learner should be able to use their multiplication facts, rather than just being able to recite off their multiplication facts. A simple revision might only cost a day or two or maybe even a week or two, but that time spend would be so much more helpful in the long term.

No Prep Free Multiplication Mazes Printable

Trucker has learnt his 2, 3 and 10 facts multiplication facts. I created a couple of resources to help practice the multiplication facts and making memorizing them a little more fun.

First up, check out these math puzzles. We have been practicing using these FREE Summer Fun Multiplication Fun Puzzles and he’s been having a blast! Check them out here, its a FREE Printable so make sure to get your copy.

To get in a little more practice I also created these No-Prep Multiplication Mazes. I simply love this printable. It is so simple but packs in so much practice for their facts.

The Multiplication Mazes Printable Contains:

  • 12 Multiplication Mazes (one for each multiplication fact)
  • Answer Key

Materials Required:

  • Printable (download the free printable at the end of this post)
  • Printer
  • Laminating sheets (if you would like to make them re-usable)
  • Colored paper (you can print on colored paper to give it that pop)

Presentation – Multiplication Mazes

Simply print out the page that you’d like your learner to practice on. If your learners need to practice on different multiplication facts, print whichever page best suits their needs.

A great printing tip: Print out the mazes on light colored color paper, this makes the maze so much more attractive for the learners.

If your learner is not familiar with mazes, explain what the leaner is supposed to do. You can something along these lines.

‘Today, we are going to practice on your multiplication facts of # number. We are going to practicing it using this maze. Would you like to go through your facts first?’

At this point you can go through with your learners on the multiplication facts. Then, give them the paper and ask them to start from the top. You can now continue on by saying,

‘We are going to start at the beginning and find a path through the maze to get to the end. As you come across each multiplication equation, solve it, and find the path that has the correct answer. Follow it to go to the next question. Keep on doing this until you reach the final question and come to the end of the maze.’

As students work through the mazes they will practice their multiplication facts and with repeated practice they will memorize their facts without too much difficulty.

Check out these Multiplication Printables as well!

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NO PREP Multiplication Mazes Freebie

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