Compound Words Puzzles – Kindergarten Summer Literacy Center



You kindergarten learners will have a blast learning and building compound words with these compound words puzzles featuring a fun, popsicle summer theme. Perfect for kindergarteners and first graders, this compound words matching game is sure to engage your learners while building their vocabulary. Each piece of the compound words puzzle features the vocabulary word and an accompanying picture which allows learners of all abilities to achieve success with this activity.

What does this summer kindergarten center include?

  • 32 Compound Word Puzzles
  • 3 versions for printing (full color, partial color and B&W)
  • Recording sheet

How to use this compound words puzzle activity?

Print and laminate the pages. Cut apart the popsicles to separate them.

Learners will then match the popsicle pieces together to form a compound word. They can start from the compound word as well, to figure out the two words that make up the compound word.

They can then record their answers in the recording sheet.

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