Food Pairs – What Goes Together? Word Association Activities



This bundle of ‘Food Pairs – What Goes Together?’ activities and printables are perfect to keep your students engaged and exciting about learning about common food pairs.

Association is an important logical skill for learners and pairing it with common food items makes this all the more fun! Grab this activity for a fun and hands-on Valentine’s Day activity or simply just to practice association skills with your learners.

What does this bundle contain?

This bundle contains several hands-on activities to help learners recognize, practice and identify common food pairs that we encounter. The contents in this bundle are listed below. The clipart used can be with/without faces and is stated clearly below.

– Posters, Cards and Flashcards (with Faces)

– Poster, Cards and Flashcards (without Faces)

– Food Pairs Centers (without Faces ONLY)

  • Matching Activity
  • Memory Game Cards
  • Domino Game
  • Puzzle Matching Activity

How to use?

Instructions for each center are included within the bundle for educators to refer to if necessary. Most of the centers will be best used if printed onto cardstock and laminated.

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