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Help your students have the confidence to tackle number bonds with this pack of seasonal number bond task cards activity. The set features number ranges to 5, 10 and 20, making it easy to differentiate learning activities and cater for learners of all abilities. With one set for each season of the year (summer set to be added soon), these Number Bond Centers for hands-on practice can be used ALL year!

The math task cards are provided in both color and black and white format and each set features the same questions and numbers with differing season themed-clip art. There are a total of 320 task cards provided.

>>> PLEASE NOTE: This is a systematic packet. The packet objective and questions remain the same for EVERY season. The seasonal clip art is what changes throughout the packet.

This seasonal number bond task card set includes:

  • ย 80 task cards for fall
  • ย 80 task cards for winter
  • ย 80 task cards for spring
  • ย 80 task cards for summer (coming soon)

Each seasonal task card set features:

  • ย 20 task cards focusing on number bonds up to 5
  • ย 20 task cards focusing on number bonds up to 10
  • ย 2 x 20 (40) task cards focusing on number bonds up to 20
  • Recording sheets and answer keys for the task cards

How to use the number bond task cards:

  • Print the cards on cardstock in color or black and white.
  • Laminate if desired, and cut the cards apart.
  • Provide a set of cards and a stack of recording sheets at a math center.
  • Students read the numbers on the task card, determine the missing number and write the answer on the recording sheet.

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