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These hands-on Spring Addition and Subtraction Mats are a great option for your kindergarten spring math centers. This printable provides a fun and engaging way for learners to practice their addition and subtraction within 10 or within 20. Pair the hands-on mats with manipulatives and your learners are all set to start doing their math! There are several mats depending on what method your learner is required to use so simply pick and choose. The printable comes in a fun spring theme making this great for a Spring Math Center!

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What is included in this printable?

There are a total of 9 addition and subtraction mats. The mats can be used for both addition or subtraction, so learners can practice both concepts at the same time. The mats also allow for addition and subtraction up to 20 as well if your learner requires it.

There are a total of 120 equation cards. This allows for plenty of addition and subtraction practice. There are equations for solving within 10 and solving within 20.

Using this printable:

These hands-on and engaging Spring Addition and Subtraction mats can be used to practice addition and subtraction within 10 or within 20 depending on your learner’s needs.

How do you use these addition and subtraction mats?

  • Choose the mat that is required for your learner.
  • Laminate it or place it a dry-erase sheet.
  • Learners will place the cards onto the mat.
  • Learners will use manipulatives, playdough or simply a marker (depending on the mat) and solve the equation.

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