Who am I? Community Helper Riddle Questions




These Community Helper “Who am I?” riddles for inferencing activities are a great way for your kindergarteners to work on beginning inferencing skills. These are suitable for first graders as well.

Each community helper riddle comes with a text describing the work/job of the community helper. The student can read the card themselves (or someone can read it to them) and find the matching community helper (this has both the picture along with the label of the helper).

There are a total of 40 community helper riddles included! This allows for a great variety. The list of the helpers included is listed below.

Other ideas:

Students can play a ‘I have, who has’ game, once they read and deduce who the community worker is they can ask who has their community helper label.

This activity can be used as part of an oral communication, a group discussion for students to bounce ideas off one another.

If there are any issues/mistakes please do not hesitate to contact me using the ‘Ask a Question’ feature for this product. I might have overlooked mistakes so please do excuse me. 🙂

List of community helpers included:

– Veterinarian

– Police officer

– Firefighter

– Doctor

– Nurse

– Bus driver

– Surgeon

– Potter

– Dentist

– Farmer

– Astronaut

– Scientist

– Chef

– Baker

– Gardener

– Janitor

– Librarian

– Teacher

– Waiter

– Garbage Collector

– Artist

– Mechanic

– Fisherman

– Pilot

– Construction worker

– Carpenter

– Barber

– Hairdresser

– Photographer

– Dancer

– Plumber

– Electrician

– Singer

– Musician

– Flight attendant

– Life guard

– Mail carrier

– Soldier

– Tailor

– Architect

– Paramedic


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