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Looking for a fun and easy, low-prep Kindergarten Craftivity for your preschoolers and kindergarteners  this winter season? This Handprint Art Activity is perfect for your learners! Using this cute and simple winter handprint art activity will give a fun and hands-on experience for kindergarteners and preschoolers.

Creating winter objects using handprints is a great way for learners to express their creativity and imagination with this simple art craft activity. Since learners will have to deal with the paint directly this is a great sensory activity for learners as well, as they explore the texture of the paint with their senses while doing the activity.

How can learners benefit from this activity?

– Fun and hands-on.

– Allows learners to express their creativity in a fun way.

– Gives learners a lot of freedom, great for learners who like open ended exploration and activities.

– Great sensory activity for learners to explore and get used to the texture and feeling of the paint.

– Fun keepsake for learners to celebrate the winter season.

What does this printable include?

There are a total of 8 winter themed objects included in this printable.

  • Mittens
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Polar bear
  • Reindeer
  • Penguin
  • Owl
  • Blue jay

This printable includes 3 versions of this winter handprint art activity!

– Pages with handprints on it, can be used a guide for learners to know where to place their handprint.

– Blank pages where learners will have more freedom and will be able to showcase their creativity in making the winter objects.

– Completed versions, which can be used to give learners an idea of what they need.

How do learners do this winter handprint activity?

– Print out the pages you’d like learners to do for this activity. Choose either the guided or blank version depending on how open-ended you’d like this activity to be or depending on your learners.

– Provide learners with paint, you can get learners to paint their own hands with paint. Alternatively, provide learners with trays of 1 to 2 colors filled with a thin layer of paint, they will dip their palms into the paint.

– Learners will then place their palms onto the page to stamp their handprint and create their winter handprint project.

– They can trace the word on the page if required.

– Leave the pages up to dry completely before giving it back to your learners.

This is a fun activity, but can get rather messy, so make sure your learners are aware of what they are doing so it does not get out of control. Keeping only a couple of trays of paint for learners to dip their palms into would definitely help with reducing the mess.

I hope your learners love and have fun with this Winter Handprints Art Activity as much as my learners loved it!

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⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐” My students and I enjoyed making these to send home! Thanks!”- Mary Love Houston

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