Winter Kindergarten Writing Center | Differentiated Writing Activity



Looking for a fun Winter Kindergarten Themes Writing Center? This winter-themed writing activity is the perfect writing center for you. In this activity, learners will be engaged in writing which contains vocabulary words related to Winter Season. It also contains activities that learners can use for a winter writing center.

What is in this Winter Kindergarten Themes Writing Center packet?

The printable contains the following activities and printables:

  • Vocabulary Chart
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Word Wall Cards (bold and tracing font)
  • Blank Word Strips
  • Write the Room Cards
  • Differentiated Recording Sheets

This packet is available in both color and a printer-friendly black and white version. The recording sheets are only available in black and white.

How to use these Kindergarten Writing Activities:

– Learners can use the vocabulary card as a reference for their winter words.

– The cards can be used as flashcards which learners can use to practice their winter vocabulary.

– The word cards are differentiated. There are four versions included.

  • The first one contains bold text which can be used with magnetic letters for the learners to build the word.
  • In the second set, learners will trace over the words using a dry-erase marker.
  • The third and fourth sets are blank. Learners can either write the word using a dry-erase marker or build the word using magnetic letters. They can choose between a lined blank card or an unlined blank card.

– The Write the Room cards can be placed around the room and learners will walk around the room and find the cards. They will then record them down on their recording sheets.

– The recording sheets are differentiated based on the learner’s needs. There are several versions included. Learners will be able to practice beginning sounds, word tracing or spelling, and writing the word independently.

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