Winter Number Sense Center Craft and Activity – Number Match-Up



This fun, hands-on Winter Number Sense Craft Activity is a perfect addition to your Kindergarten Winter Math Centers. In this Back to School Math Activity, kindergarten learners will match the snowballs with different representations of the numbers to the snow globes.

This printable will provide a hands-on experience for learning and practicing number sense in a creative and crafty way. Learners will build upon their counting, subitizing and place value skills and knowledge. Numbers 1 to 20 are included along with recording sheets for learners to record their answers.

⭐ This Number Sense Craft Activity for Kindergarten is also included in the following bundle:

What’s included in this Kindergarten Winter Math Center resource?

– This printable covers numbers 1 to 20.

– The different representations included are

  • Number (Snow globe)
  • Word
  • Ten/twenty Frame
  • Dice
  • Tally Marks (popsicle sticks)
  • Dominoes
  • Counting Fingers (1-10)
  • Base 10 Blocks (11-20)
  • Recording Sheets for 1-10 and 11-20
  • Color and black and white versions are also provided

How to best use this Kindergarten Winter Math Activity:

  • Learners will match the different representations of the numbers in the snowballs to the snow globe of the corresponding number. There are 6 snowballs for each number.
  • They can record their answers in the recording sheets, if desired.

Preparing this Kindergarten Winter Number Sense Craft Activity:

  • Decide between color or black and white and print each page. 
  • Print recording sheets, if using them.
  • If you’d like this center to be reusable, laminate each set or slide them into a dry erase pocket.

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