Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit for Kindergarten to 2nd grade

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Hello teachers! Spring’s out, and little critters come out of hibernation. So are our little learners! With good weather, it’s finally a good time to explore outside and see animals and insects. What’s a perfect activity to whip out? Bring the Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit!

Cover of the All About Bees Unit partially showing some of the worksheets

Most young children develop an early fascination with different insects. They get curious about little critters, how they move, and how their favorite insects eat.

As a teacher, I love banking on that zeal for learning. Introducing an all-purpose unit that will make my learners’ bee experts and have so much fun!

Since kids these ages love good stories and have a flair for fantastical retellings, it’s also a wise move to get them started on non-fiction passages. They will love learning more about the world around them.

The Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit for Kindergarten to 2nd grade is an excellent activity to have them busy and buzzing in the classroom. This insect unit covers a lot about the lives of amazing bees.

Life cycle of a bee puzzle.

The hands-on activities are a great way to give kids an inside look into the life cycle stages of a busy bee. With over a hundred pages of information about bees, beekeeping, the honey bees’ flight, and how these honey makers make honey with different flowers, it’s a great addition to spring thematic unit plans and science corners.

This unit also has a broad scope of learners catered to from Kindergarten to 2nd grade. They will surely enjoy the vivid photos! It covers everything your students would want to know about the lives of bees.

Click below to learn more about this wonderful insect unit!

Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit – Kindergarten,1st and 2nd grade

This unit is an extensive content resource that works as a science and social studies unit. Whether your students want to learn about the flight of a honey bee or want to see what a queen bee looks like, this unit is for curious young readers.

Our insect units are jam-packed with actual photos of honey bees in action, not to mention cute but detailed illustrations. 

Pages from the All About Bees Poster/Booklet.

This bees literacy unit includes the following activities and printable:

  • Poster/Booklet – All About Bees: May be printed as individual pages as posters or bind pages to create a booklet. – 27 pages.
  • Topics covered include:
    • What are bees?
    • What is pollination?
    • Where do bees live?
    • What do bees live in?
    • Honeycomb
    • General Anatomy of a Bee
    • Compound Eyes
    • Mouth
    • Antennae
    • Stinger
    • Hairs and Pollen basket
    • How do bees communicate?
    • What do bees eat?
    • Beehive
    • Hive frame
    • Honey bee colony
    • Queen Bee
    • How is the queen bee chosen?
    • Drone Bee
    • Worker bee
    • Activities of the Worker bee
    • Pollen
    • Honey
    • Beekeeper
    • Entomologist
    • Beeswax

Also included in the unit are the following: 

  • Non-Fiction Reader: How do we get honey from beehives? 
  • Non-Fiction Reader: Life Cycle of a Honeybee Booklet
  • Vocabulary 3-part cards
  • Parts of a bee
  • Sorting Mats
  • Worksheets
The All About Bees Worksheet 1, among bee-related photos and colorful papers.

Using the Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit – Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade

Purchasing this Bees Non-Fiction Insect Animal Unit is an excellent opportunity to introduce the beauty of the environment to students. To get started, we recommend printing the pages on cardstock and laminating them to last longer. Since plenty of activities are included in this product, you can use it more than once throughout the year and integrate it with reading, literacy, and social studies lessons.

Bees Unit Overview

Want to know more about what’s inside this huge Bees Unit? Our overview gives you a sneak peek that will convince you to get this for your students. 

​Bees Non Fiction Unit: All About Bees Poster/Booklet

We love a versatile resource, and this one’s a winner! You can print the pages individually and laminate them as posters, or print all other pages to double up as a classroom-ready, nonfiction picture book brimming with information! It covers general information about bees, like their habitat, anatomy, food, communication, social organization and roles, honeybee by-products, and jobs related to beekeeping.

Pages from the All About Bees readers.

Bees Non Fiction Unit-Non Fiction Reader: How do we get honey from beehives?

Your little honey enthusiasts will enjoy this reader, which suits their reading levels. With authentic photos, this reader explains complex scientific concepts in easy-to-understand language. Students will remember the beekeeper’s hard work when they reach for a honey jar! They’ll also know how much effort bees make to produce a one-pound jar of honey.

More pages from the All About Bees Readers.

Bees Non Fiction Unit-Non Fiction Reader: Life Cycle of a Honeybee booklet

Another resource in this unit is this reader, which provides accessible text, real photos, and graphic organizers for your little bee enthusiasts to get busy with. They’ll learn more about how these incredible insects spend their lives, from a small egg to an adult sweet honeybee.

Life Cycle of a Honeybee cover page, and Stage 1  reader.

Bees Non Fiction Unit: Vocabulary 3-part Cards

These 3-part cards are good for vocabulary retention and word-picture association. Each card set features a photo, explanatory vocabulary words, and a card with both the picture and the vocabulary words. The vocabulary card covers bees, bee-keeping, and the bee’s life cycle. A great way to enhance retention in students!

Three-part vocabulary cards.

Bees Non Fiction Unit: Sorting Mats

Our all-around favorite sorting mats are simple but help develop hand-eye coordination and analytical skills. The photos make it easy to identify bee-related stuff in real life!

Bee sorting mats.

Bees Non Fiction Unit: Worksheets

These worksheets help students remember the fascinating facts they learned about bees. It’s good to go as a small group or individual activity. They help with scissors skills and vocabulary. They’re also good for improving those writing skills!

All About Bees  worksheet.

What We Love about this Bees Non Fiction Insect Animal Unit

Fits most lesson plans.

​Integrating into any science, social studies, or literacy lesson is super easy! One may also use this unit with lessons involving fiction or nonfiction books.

Contains informational text.

It’s not too early to get students started on informational texts! Kids will learn about a bee’s life in short, easy-to-understand passages.

​Easy to prepare with common classroom supplies.

Just print and laminate, then use scissors to cut into the right pieces. You can take these sorting mats to the next level with velcro dots!

Bees Non Fiction Insect Animal Unit – Kindergarten,1st and 2nd grade

Want to get your hands on this unit and learn about these remarkable insects? Click here to get access. Enjoy teaching!

The All About Bees packet preview.

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