Spring Mystery Puzzles | Kindergarten Math and Literacy Mystery Picture Puzzles

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Looking for a fun way to practice math and literacy skills with your kindergarteners and first graders? These Spring Mystery Puzzles are the perfect option for your Kindergarten Spring Math and Literary Centers. This spring puzzles printable contains 33 mystery picture puzzle each with a fun Spring theme! Each mystery puzzle focuses on a specific math or literacy skills. Students will match the puzzle pieces to the puzzle mats to reveal the mystery picture solving the mystery puzzle! These puzzles are also great for your early finishers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. Grab these Spring Picture Puzzles and practice those math and literacy facts with your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders! Click here or on the image below to grab your copy of this printable.

Spring Picture Mystery Puzzles

Spring Puzzles | Kindergarten Math and Literacy Mystery Picture Puzzles

I love using puzzles to teach concepts because of the fun and engaging manner which puzzles use. I have been using these puzzles to teach several concepts both in math and literacy. The main reason I love these puzzles are the fact that they are low-prep and easy-cut apart puzzles. The straight lines make it so much easier to prep the puzzles for your learners to put together. 

These Spring puzzles are so much versatile, since they can be used to practice so many different concepts all within the same concept of putting together a puzzle. The puzzle reveals a hidden picture, which makes that the activity is self-checking. This makes this activity a fun independent activity for your learners since if they are unable to get the hidden picture, the puzzle has not been solved correctly.

Spring Picture Puzzle

The printable consists of two sets of puzzles:

  • Math Mystery Puzzles
  • Literacy Mystery Puzzles

All of the puzzles are spring-themed, so the hidden picture is a fun and cute spring themed picture! As the learner puts the puzzle pieces together based on their knowledge, they will slowly reveal the hidden picture! 

Materials Required

  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors

Alphabet Mystery Puzzle

Prepping the Spring Picture Puzzles

All of the puzzles can be prepped in the same method. I love these puzzles because of the fact that they are so easy to prep. The straight lines make it so easy to cut apart and create the puzzles rather than trying to navigate those tricky round corners. 

Simply choose which of the puzzles you’d like to use, and print out the puzzle mats and the pages with the matching puzzle pieces. 

Laminate the pages of the puzzle mats for durability.

Laminate the pages of the puzzle pieces and cut apart to create the puzzle pieces.

You can store the puzzle pieces in a ziplock bag and keep the puzzle mat together with the ziplock bag in an envelope at a math or literacy center.

Shape Spring Puzzles

Spring Math Mystery Picture Puzzles | Spring Kindergarten Math Center

There are 21 Spring Math Puzzles covering the following concepts:
  • Spring 2D Shapes (3 puzzles)
  • Number Recognition to 10 (2 puzzles)
  • Number Recognition to 20 (2 puzzles)
  • Addition to 10 (3 puzzles)
  • Subtraction within 10 (3 puzzles)
  • Ten Frame (1 puzzle)
  • Twenty Frame (1 puzzle)
  • Counting to 10 (2 puzzles)
  • Counting to 20 (2 puzzles)
  • Missing Addends (3 puzzles)

Spring Number Recognition Puzzle

In each of these puzzles, the instructions are extremely simple. The learner will simply match the puzzle pieces which contain the correct answer onto the respective puzzle mats.
For e.g. for the subtraction mat below, the learner will solve each equation in the box on the puzzle mat. They will then pick up the puzzle piece which contains the correct answer for the equation and place it on top of the box covering it. In this way, they will work their way through the entire puzzle mat, and reveal the mystery spring picture!
So since 9-5 is 4, the learner will pick up the puzzle piece which contains the number 4 on it and place it on the equation which they just solved.
The same concept applies whether the puzzle is about shapes, addition, subtraction or counting. In the following counting puzzle, the learner will count the number of frogs sitting on the log. They will then solve the mystery puzzle to reveal a cute spring hot air balloon!
Spring counting Mystery puzzle
The following puzzle below is an example of one of the addition puzzles included in this printable. 

Spring Literacy Mystery Picture Puzzles | Spring Kindergarten Literacy Center

There are 11 Spring Literacy Puzzles covering the following concepts:
  • Uppercase Alphabet Recognition (2 Puzzles)
  • Lowercase Alphabet Recognition (2 Puzzles)
  • CVC Words (2 Puzzles)
  • Rhyming Match (2 Match-up puzzles)
  • Beginning Sounds (3 Puzzles)

Spring CVC Words puzzle

The instructions for these puzzles remain the same. Learners will match the puzzle pieces based on the puzzle to the puzzle mat to reveal the mystery picture. In this picture above, the CVC word pet is being matched to the picture of a pet on the puzzle mat. 

Spring alphabet activity

The printable also includes alphabet recognition and beginning sounds activities. In these puzzles, the learner will match the alphabet on the puzzle piece onto the puzzle mat. Since the puzzle includes both uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters, this allows for differentiation of this alphabet recognition activity.

Alphabet Mystery Puzzle

For the beginning sound activities, the puzzle mat contains pictures of several objects. The learner will identify the beginning sound of each object, and pick up the puzzle piece which contains the letter of the beginning sound on it. They will place the puzzle piece onto the puzzle mat and continue working their way through the puzzle mat until the whole puzzle is completed!

Spring Beginning Sound Puzzle

There are a total of 33 Math and Literacy Spring Mystery Puzzles, which allows for a ton of fun and hands-on practice for your little learners. If you loved these mystery puzzles, make sure to check out the other mystery picture puzzles printables that are available below!

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To grab your copy of this printable, click on the image or link below.

Spring Picture Puzzles

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