Earth Day – Pollution – NonFiction Easy Readers

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This set of Earth Day Nonfiction Easy readers are perfect to teach your learners about pollution and how it affects the Earth. Most of the pictures used are real-life photos which allows the actual extent of pollution to be conveyed. 

Earth Day – Pollution – Nonfiction Easy Readers

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Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April. As educators, we do have a part in teaching our learners on how to look after Earth and what we can do look after it.

The effects of pollution are visible everywhere, smoky air, litter on the ground and water and it is our duty to make sure Earth stays clean. In order to teach our little learners about it I have created 5 simple readers. These easy readers are non-fiction and are all about pollution.

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Easy Readers – Earth Day

I created these easy readers mainly as a way to help younger students learn about pollution as well.  In my opinion, I feel that pollution is not spoken about as much at younger ages. Nurturing a sense of responsibility for the planet we live on can be instilled in at a very young age. As educators we can make sure that young learners are exposed to this as well.

This printable contains:

5 easy readers

Topics Included:

– Pollution (10 pages)

– Air Pollution (14 pages)

– Water Pollution (21 pages)

– Land Pollution (25 pages)

– Reducing Pollution (22 pages)

Content of the books and Inside Peek

– Pollution:

– Air Pollution: 

– Water Pollution: 

– Land Pollution: 

– Reducing Pollution: 

Ideas for Earth Day:

  • Get some litter, you can collect old recycling items or use a printable such as this. Get your learners to name the material which the item is made of. They can sort the items according to the material the item is made of.
  • On Earth Day, students can go outside their classroom and collect any litter that might be lying outside. Explain that litter makes Earth look dirty and we should clean it up whenever we can.
  • Ask students to think about what they think will make Earth look clean and what makes Earth look dirty.
  • Get students to write or illustrate ways that we can save Earth and reduce pollution.

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