Subitizing Clip Cards

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These Subitizing Clip Cards freebie will help your learners with their subitizing and number sense


This a simple, low prep activity and only requires clothespins or circle counters to do the activity. This is an easy and fun way to sneak in some fine motor skills with numbers. Learners will learn their number sense from numbers 1 to 20. Learners will practice their subitizing skills with this printable. Simply print these free subitizing clip cards, laminate and you are ready to go.

Subitizing Clip Cards – Free Printable

This printable is FREE. Simply scroll to the end of this post, and click on the link that says ‘Subitizing Clip Cards’ to download the free printable.

Subitizing Clip Cards

Materials for the printable:

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Using the Subitizing Clip Cards

These clip cards are really simple to use. Provide the clip cards with some clothespin for the learners to use. The learner will look at the number in the middle of the card and will clip all the corresponding squares that match the number in the middle.

For smaller numbers this will be easier, as the learner will be able to subitize or count the dots faster, but for the the larger numbers this might take slightly longer.

In each clip card there are 4 boxes which match the number while the other 4 don’t. You can make these cards self-checking by putting a small dot at the back of the correct answers. If the learner can clipped the dot then the answer is correct, if not get them to re-do the card.

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If your learners are just getting the hang of their number sense and subitizing, start off with the smaller numbers before heading over to the larger numbers.

  • For e.g. start with the number 2.
  • Ask the learner to see whether they can identify any boxes that match the number 2. If so, they can clip those.
  • As their subitizing skills improve, they can then be introduced to the larger numbers for them to count and clip the matching boxes.

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