(FREE!) Land, Air and Water Vehicle Sorting Activity

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Trucker has always been obsessed with vehicles (his vehicle filled toy box is evidence to that) and he enjoys any vehicle related activity. Today, I am sharing one of the vehicle related activities, that he enjoys doing. It is a vehicle sorting activity, with real photos.I love using real photos wherever possible, simply because I like the realistic feel real photos can give to a young learner.

This activity is a free printable so be sure to download it at the end of this post.

The file includes three title cards (land, water and air vehicles), and 8 cards for each category, providing a total of 24 picture cards to sort! I edited the file that I initially used to make sure the pictures I used were free from copyright restrictions, so the pictures shown will be different from the ones in the actual file.

First, introduce the child to the different modes of transportation by using the title cards. Explain to them also how they can identify, for example an aeroplane has wings that allow it to fly, a boat has oars that you can row in the water and so on. The title card includes a picture of the sky, sea and road making sorting even more realistic and easier!

I put the cards into a bowl and laid out the title cards in front of him. I then asked him to pick up one card, name it and place it under the correct card. I also asked him to explain why he put a card under a certain category if I felt he was a bit unsure or he had placed it wrongly. He self-corrected his mistakes nearly every time and I just had to sit beside him watching as he sorted.

We ended up with this! It was messy but the job was done! 🙂

It was a pretty fun activity and given his love of vehicles, he definitely enjoyed it.

Click here to download your free vehicle sorting printable! Enjoy!

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