3D Shapes Domino Activity | Kindergarten Domino Centers



This is a fun and hands-on 3D Shapes matching activity using dominoes for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Learners will practice their 3D Shapes using this fun Kindergarten Domino Center. This 2D Shape Domino Center is sure to be a fun addition to your Kindergarten math centers!

**Download the preview to get an idea of what the printable is**

What does this printable contain?

This domino bundle contains 3D Shapes dominoes in several different variations. Learners will match the dominoes based on shape to shape matching or match the shapes to the text.

– 3D shape to shape matching

– 3D shape to text matching

This printable includes both the BW and Color Versions.

How to use?

To play, print and laminate the pages for the topic required. In the printable there are two dominoes per page, which can be printed as is for a floor game. If you would like to make the dominoes smaller, print several pages a page (I normally print 8 dominoes onto a page, which allows for use on a table or as a small group activity).

Students will begin with the ‘START’ domino and then slowly work their way through the dominoes until they reach the domino with the ‘END’ on it. Dominoes can be matched in any way they like, whether that’s vertically or horizontally.

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