Animal Skin Covering matching cards



These cards will intrigue your little learners as they try to match the patterns to the correct animals. There are a total of 30 animals featured here, all of which have exquisite patterns or distinct features that will enable them to match up the skin covers to the animals.

Pair this set of matching cards with animal figurines that are available and allow them to explore and talk about the different patterns and textures visible. Its a suitable addition to an animals unit for kindergartners and preschoolers.

This set includes:

– 30 animal skin covers / patterns

– 30 animals (full image)

– 30 control cards with the skin covers, animal and the name. (complete list is included below)

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Animals Included are:

– zebra

– tiger

– bee

– black swallowtail caterpillar

– clown fish

– snail

– peacock

– macaw

– hedgehog

– burmese python

– emerald tree boa

– jaguar

– giraffe

– spotted deer

– poison dart frog

– ladybird

– elephant

– leopard

– cheetah

– monarch butterfly

– tortoise

– bald eagle

– crocodile

– dalmatian dog

– lion

– chameleon

– okapi

– porcupine

– mandrill baboon

– cow

– sheep

– tiger salamander

– rainbow lorikeet