Counting Mats to 20 – Kindergarten Back to School Math Center



This Dough Counting Mats makes the perfect Math Center for your Kindergarten students this Back to School season. Learners will practice one to one correspondence, number recognition and counting with numbers 1 to 20. Learners will practice counting and subitizing up to 20 using ten frames.

Perfect for use during kindergarten math centers or with small groups of students, this counting activity is simple to prepare and can be used again and again. Color and black and white versions are provided and your students will love the fun back to school themed pictures.

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What is included in this Counting Mats Back to School Math Center for Kindergarten?

  • Paint Palette Counting Mat
  • School Bus Counting Mat
  • Tablet Counting Mat
  • Number Tiles 1 to 20
  • Black and White Copies

Each counting mat comes in 4 different versions. This allows for easy differentiation among learners.

  1. Blank version
  2. 5 frame
  3. 10 frame
  4. 20 frame

How do learners complete this Kindergarten Dough Counting Mats Number Activity?

  • Present the learners with the preferred version of the counting mats and some playdough.
  • Learners will flip over a number card and place it on the box.
  • They will then use the dough to place the matching number of dough balls onto the counting mat.
  • Alternatively these counting mats can be used with other manipulatives such as dice, counting bears, snap cubes and buttons.

Preparing this Back to School Kindergarten Math Center:

  • Print the counting mats and laminate.
  • Print the number tiles, laminate and cut apart.

How to best use this Back to School Counting Mats Math Center:

  • Explore during morning work
  • Assign as supplemental math centers
  • Implement these centers in an independent way or use them with small-groups.

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