Multiplication Repeated Addition Equal Groups Booklets – 2 Facts



This multiplication 2 fact booklet can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication through repeated addition using equal groups as well as help them memorize multiplication facts.

Multiplication Repeated Addition Booklets

This is a free download from the complete package of booklets which is available here. Check out the blog post about these booklets here.

The booklet is seven pages long and are cut into half to make a booklet that’s 14 pages in total. Each booklet also contains a facts page for the multiplication fact so the student can refer to it if necessary.

The counting items are winter themed, so this is suitable for incorporation into a winter unit, however, it can be used at any time to introduce the concept of multiplication through repeated addition.

On each page students will fill in the blanks for the following details:

  • number of equal groups
  • number of counting items for the groups shown (e.g. number of hearts on the mitten, number of marshmallows in the cup, etc)
  • write the repeated addition equation for the groups shown (not present in the 1’s fact booklet) and add up the total. There is one blank for each group, so the 12 booklet has 12 blanks to fill.
  • number of groups of counting items (e.g. 3 groups of 4, or 5 groups of 6 and so on)
  • Finally, they will write the multiplication statement. This will help them to connect the repeated addition equation to the multiplication fact that they have written down and the answers can be compared to check whether they are the same.

The booklets can be used as morning work, bell work, extra activities for early finishers, or even homework. The booklets come in one version, for front only copies.

Teaching students these multiplication foundations, is a tremendous help to students as they work on math fluency and automaticity.

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