Spring CVC Short Vowel Sorting Activity | Kindergarten Literacy Center



Looking for a fun Spring CVC Activity? This Short Vowel Sorting Activity is perfect for your Kindergarten Literacy Centers. This printable provides a fun and engaging way for learners to practice and identify their middle sounds. Learners will be able to sort the petals onto the flower based on the middle sound and build a flower. Learners will be able to practice their short vowel sounds and identify them.

Check the preview for a look inside.

What is included in this printable?

– 5 Short Vowel Sorting Mats

– 30 CVC petals with pictures for sorting

Using this printable:

– Print and laminate the mats. Cut apart to create the petals.

– Learners will pick up the petals, sound out the word and identify the middle vowel sound.

– They will place the petal onto the correct vowel sound mat and build the flower.

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