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This Kindergarten Winter Patterns Activity makes the perfect Math Center for your Kindergarten students this Winter season. This pattern centers for kindergarten unit is packed with fun and engaging centers and activities that will teach your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten students all about patterns. Learners will identify, build, extend and problem-solve in 6 hands-on pattern centers involving AB, ABC, AAB, and ABB patterns.

Perfect for use during kindergarten math centers or with small groups of students, this Kindergarten winter patterns centers and activities are simple to prepare and can be used again and again. This unit contains 6 pattern centers for use with manipulatives you already have in your classroom (snap cubes and counting bears).

The activities come in various levels (4 pattern sequences) so you can easily differentiate them for your students and your classroom. The activities come with a page of instructions along with a photo of it in action so teachers know exactly how to use the center and activity.

โญ This printable is also part of the following bundles:

Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers Bundle.

What is included in this Winter Patterns Math Center for Kindergarten resource?

All the activities in this resource cover 4 pattern sequences; AB, ABC, AAB and ABB. This allows for differentiation depending on the learner.

The 6 Pattern Activities included in this unit are:

  1. Label and Identify the Patterns (24 cards; available in color and BW)
  2. Copy and Build the Pattern (24 cards; available in color)
  3. Extend the Pattern (24 cards; available in color)
  4. What is Missing in the Pattern? (24 patterns, available in color)
  5. Build the Pattern (4 pattern cards, winter objects picture cards; available in color and BW)
  6. Patterns Worksheet (black and white)

How do learners complete this Winter Kindergarten Pattern Math Center?

  • Label and Identify the Patterns: Learners will label the patterns using A, B or C. They will identify the pattern and clip it using a wooden clothespin.
  • Copy and Build the Pattern: Learners use circle counters, counting bears or snap cubes and place them onto the snap cubes based on the color to build the different patterns. They will then identify and clip the pattern.
  • Extend the Pattern: Learners identify the pattern and use manipulatives to continue and complete the pattern.
  • What is Missing? Learners use manipulatives to fill in the missing piece in the pattern. They need to recognize and identify the pattern first.
  • Build the Pattern: Learners will use the winter picture cards to build the patterns. Includes 4 pattern cards, and winter objects.
  • Patterns Worksheet: Learners will color in the snap cubes to match the given pattern.

Preparing this Winter Kindergarten Math Patterns Center:

This is a low-prep activity, which makes it easy for teachers to prep!

  • Print the pattern pages and laminate.
  • Cut apart to create the different pattern cards.

How to best use this AB AAB ABC ABB Patterns Activity for Kindergarten:

  • Explore during morning work
  • Assign as supplemental math centers
  • Implement these centers in an independent way or use them with small-groups.

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