20 Amazing Back-to-School Books To Read Aloud for Kindergarten

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As summer comes to an end, for teachers it can only mean one thing: it’s back-to-school season! For the little learners who are stepping for the first time into the classroom, they are filled with different emotions and expectations. These 20 Back-to-School Books are a great collection to read aloud to your kindergarteners. Having to make new friends, learning how to use school supplies and managing emotions it sure is a lot for a kindergartener to handle especially on the first day! Why not help them out with their first day jitters with these 20 Amazing Back-to-School Books To Read Aloud for Kindergarten!

20 Read alouds for back to school

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20 Back to School Read Alouds for Kindergarten

In this blog post, we’ve put together a list of books suitable for back-to-school for you to read aloud to your kindergarteners. So grab your books, find a cozy spot and get ready to immerse your learners into the wonderful magic of books as they prepare themselves for the new school year.

1. The King of Kindergarten

The King of Kindergarten - back to school read alouds

Children will love this sweet character as he starts his first day of kindergarten, full of excitement and anticipation. The little boy relates his experiences as he goes through his day at school, making friends and embracing new challenges.

The confidence the little boy shows is contagious and is great for installing confidence and self-positivity in your new kindergarteners and help them overcome the first-day jitters.

2. The Queen of Kindergarten

the queen of kindergarten read aloud

This book is about a little girl who’s all set to rock her first day at kindergarten with her classmates. All set for kindergarten, this little girl shows us how to bring kindness, friendship and leadership into her classroom.

This book is perfect for instilling confidence in your students and telling them that it’s awesome to just be you!

3. Our School is a Family

our school is a family

Our School is a Family beautifully captures the essence of community within a school setting. Through heartwarming narratives and beautiful inclusive visuals, the book conveys the message that a classroom is not just a place of learning but a space where students and teachers come together like a huge family.

This book reminds us that caring and being kind make our school days special and full of joy.

4. A Letter From Your Teacher: On the First Day of School

a letter from your teacher

Imagine getting a letter from your teacher that says “Hey there friend! You’re going to rock this school year!” Well, this book does just that.

Through a heartfelt letter, the teacher shares words of encouragement to students and reassures them that the classroom is a safe place for learning, growth and bonding.

With its comforting tone, this books eases first-day jitters and helps build a connection between the teacher and their students.

5. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

we dont eat our classmates back to school

Penelope the T-Rex has a hilarious problem: she thinks her classmates are snacks! But eating friends isn’t cool, right?

Through Penelope’s entertaining predicament of treating her classmates as snacks, children learn about the importance of empathy, understanding and making friends.

This hilarious book is great for kindergarteners who are nervous about meeting their new friends. It is a great way to help them build positive relationships in school.

6. The Crayons Go Back to School

the crayons go back to school read aloud

Guess what crayons do when summer ends? They go back to school! Each of the crayons share their unique perspectives on school. As young learners listen to the book they will learn about the different emotions associated with starting a new academic year.

The funny illustrations and relatable scenarios are sure to resonate with your kindergarteners. It’s a perfect way to discuss emotions and feelings with returning back to school and meeting friends once again.

It’s a crayon-tastic tale full of giggles and surprises!

7. How to Get Your Teacher Ready

how to get your teacher ready

In a fun role reversal, students offer entertaining and imaginative advice to their teacher on preparing for the school year. With its humorous anecdotes and relatable situations, the book allows students to understand routines, expectations and handle the excitement of a new school year.

It’s sure to be a great laugh for your learners and they might be able to give you a piece of advice or two.😉

8. The Invisible Boy

the invisible boy book

The book follows Brian, a quiet and unnoticed student, as he navigates the challenge of being overlooked by his friends. This book sensitively explores the feeling of invisibility and loneliness that some children might experience at school.

As Brian meets Justin, a new student, and they become friends, his classmates appreciate him for his kindness.

This book is a great way to teach students about the importance of inclusion, empathy and being welcoming to everyone.

9. My Mouth is a Volcano

my mouth is a volcano school read aloud

There’s always that one child who just can’t seem to stop interrupting during conversations or discussions right?

Well Louis is just like that, and he has trouble managing his enthusiasm and thoughts. This book teaches children about patience, impulse control and how to properly communicate in a classroom setting.

It’s a funny story about keeping your volcano (mouth) calm, so you classmates can chat too!

10. Our Class is a Family

our class is a family read aloud

This book teaches students that their classroom with their teachers and friends are one big community and a family.

The story portrays students from different backgrounds coming together to form a big collaborative family. By showing students a positive classroom community, this book will ensure learners feel re-assured on their first day of school.

11. The Day You Begin

the day you begin school read aloud

Ever walked into a place and felt like you just didn’t belong there? This book is a beautifully illustrated story of embracing one’s unique identify in a world that may seem unfamiliar.

Through the stories of characters who feel different or out of place, young readers learn that sharing their experiences can lead to connections and friendships. And that it’s okay to be different and just be you!

12. Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

just ask back to school read aloud

Being different can be tough, especially as a young child. This book contains several different stories of kids with different abilities.

The book encourages open conversations by showing that asking questions is a respectful way to learn about others.

By promoting acceptance and inclusion, the book is a great tool for fostering a positive classroom environment.

13. The Smart Cookie

the smart cookie school book

Join this cookie on a fun adventure in a math class and learn what it means to be ‘smart’.

Your learners will be in giggles as they learn that being smart isn’t just about getting things right – it’s about trying, learning and having fun along the way.

This book encourages young learners to embrace challenges, celebrate successes, and find the joy in their learning adventures.

14. What If Everybody Did That?

what if everybody did that book

This book prompts children to consider the consequences of their actions and the impact of their choices on others. For instance, imagine how the earth would look like if everyone were to litter everywhere?

Through relatable scenarios, the book encourages learners to discuss about conversions relating to responsibility and making positive contributions both in the classroom and out of it.

The book shows that being kind, helpful and responsible makes the world a happier place for everyone. It also teaches students to be accountable for their actions and how small choices can make a big difference.

15. The Name Jar

the name jar read aloud

Unhei is a Korean girl who is a new student at a school in the United States. As she navigates through the challenges of adapting to a new school and a new culture, she contemplates choosing an American name.

As she goes through her journey of choosing a new name, her friends help her out. And as Unhei goes through this journey of self-discovery, she begins to understand the significance of names as windows into personal stories and backgrounds.

Through this story of friendship and diversity Unhei learns about the beauty of individuality, her heritage and unique indentity.

16. First Day Jitters

first day jitters back to school read alouds

The first day of school can be nerve-wracking, even for grown-ups! This story follows Sarah one her first day of school as she experiences the familiar jitters that come with the first day of school.

Sarah is nervous of starting out at a new school, where she doesn’t know anybody and nobody knows her. She’s convinced it’s going to be awful, but she’s in for a surprise.

Kids will love this book as they follow through all the twists and turns and will be in for a delightful surprise at the end of the book!

17. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

the girl who never made mistakes

Meet Beatrice a girl who’s been named ‘The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes!’ after her perfect record. But guess what?

One day, something doesn’t go quite right, and it’s a hilarious adventure!

Through this story, kids learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and that mistakes can sometimes be fun too! This book lets young readers know that nobody’s perfect – and that’s perfectly fine.

18. Too Much Glue

too much glue kindergarten read aloud

Matty loves using too much glue in art class, despite warnings from his teacher that it won’t dry. One day, Matty finds himself in the middle of a glue explosion.

As chaos ensues in the classroom, students will find themselves giggling as the follow along Matty’s hilarious journey to get out of the sticky situation.

This story is a fun exploration of the world of imagination, where the boundaries between creative freedom and rules that shape our world are blurred. It’s a hilarious read for learners and is a great way to remind learners of how they need to use their school supplies carefully.

19. The Recess Queen

the recess queen back to school read alouds

Jean is the toughest kid on the playground and the undisputed queen during recess. No one has dared to threaten her position as the recess queen.

Until the arrival of a new friend, which introduces an unexpected twist to the playground dynamics.

Readers will witness a heartwarming transformation as Jean’s icy facade begins to melt in the face of genuine kindness. Through friendship and kindness, Jean learns that being compassionate and respectful is far more rewarding that being bossy.

This book addresses bullying and is a great to teach children how to deal with conflict resolution without adult intervention.

20. Enemy Pie

enemy pie back to school read aloud

What if you had a recipe for friendship? That’s what this book is all about.

A boy has a problem; he’s got someone he views as an enemy. But thankfully, his dad has a surprising solution – a recipe for “enemy pie”. Along the way, readers will be brought into a world where misunderstanding and differences are overcome with understanding and the power of forgiveness.

This book serves as a reminder that even when things start out sour, a little kindness can turn into something oh-so-sweet such as a pie. It’s a great way to teach our little learners about the importance of forgiveness, patience and understanding.

Back-to-School Read Alouds for Kindergarten

From the exciting adventures of confident kindergarteners to the valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and the joys of learning, these 20 books offer a diverse array of stories that captivate, entertain, and educate young readers. With their colorful illustrations, relatable characters, and powerful messages, these books are sure to become cherished additions to any young reader’s collection, sparking conversations and creating memories that last a lifetime.

back to school read alouds kindergarten

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