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Spot the Difference

Today, I am sharing a new freebie on spot the difference. Students will have fun as they compare the pictures and try to find the differences between the two pictures. This is a fun free printable that will help to train the visual discrimination capability of students and help them to notice subtle differences. Children will LOVE spotting the differences in the pictures and will get an absolute blast from this

What is a Spot the Difference Printable?

Spot the difference is a visual puzzle challenge or learning tool that’s fun for both kids and adults.

How Spot the Difference Can Help Your Child’s Learning

  • They can help to increase your child’s observation skills as they learn to notice details.

Free Printable 

This is a FREE printable. Just scroll to the end of this post, enter in your details and you should receive and email in your inbox containing the printable. Do check your spam or junk email in case it ends up there! 

Visual Discrimination

Visual discrimination is the ability to recognize the details in images. It is important because this skill helps them to recognize similarities and differences in alphabet letters such as and d or p and q. It also helps them to differentiate between shapes such as a square or a rectangle. 

Visual discrimination can begin from a very early age and can start with simple printables and activities. 

Printables such as ‘choose the odd one out’ or ‘spot the difference’ are ideal activities to begin with.

Free Spot the Difference Printable

This printable ranks on the higher end of the visual discrimination stage, since children will have to pay very close attention to detail. A completed sample below shows that there are minor differences such as the extra line on the box. The differences become much more minute, making it tougher for children to spot and identify. 

Ideas for use

If students are not very familiar with these activities, it would be a good idea to pair students up and ask them to work on one page of the printable, identifying the differences. 

The clipart used are seasonal or holiday themed. The printable includes a clipart containing picture for Earth day, back to school, Ramadan. Chinese new year and so on. A good idea would be to make use of this printable all year round, just printing only the page for the month, season or holiday and use it as part of a thematic study. 

Instructions for use:

  • Download the free printable at the end of this post. 
  • Open the file in a pdf reader, and print out the pages you wish to use either in color or black and white. The printable includes both versions.
  • Give a copy to each student or a pair of students and ask them to find the differences. If they are unfamiliar, demonstrate what they are required to do, by showing them one or two of the differences. 

To download your copy of this free printable, enter your details into the box below, and you will receive an email containing the printable. Happy teaching!

Spot the Difference Freebie

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