Number Bond Task Cards (Winter Themed)

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Looking for a fun way to practice addition and subtraction? These Winter Number Bond Task Cards are the perfect activity for your kindergarteners and preschoolers. These task cards contain 4 different sets for easy differentiation and allow learners to practice their addition and subtraction facts within 20. Click here to grab your copy of these task cards and have fun learning!

Number Bond Task Cards Winter

Number Bond Task Cards – Winter Theme

Today, I am sharing these winter themed number bond task cards. There are a total of 4 sets of task cards, with each set having 20 cards, so that’s a total of 80 number bond task cards! Wowza! This set makes it easy to differentiate because it contains task cards focusing on number bonds up to 5, 10 and 20. Just pick the set that most suits your students needs and work on solving the problems.

Task cards are a fun way to get learners to do their work independently, since learners will solve each problem and then move on to the next one. This allows them to work on their problems without getting too overwhelmed with multiple questions on a single page.

number bond task cards

Number Bonds

Number bonds are a very useful method of helping learners see the relationship between fact families. Learners begin to draw connections between fact families (e.g. 3,4 and 7). This allows them to make use of their knowledge of addition and subtraction to realize the relationship between the numbers in the number bond.

Differentiating the Winter Number Bond Task Cards

Differentiation with this activity is super simple. There are 4 sets of task cards included in the packet.

  • 20 task cards focusing on number bonds up to 5
  • 20 task cards focusing on number bonds up to 10
  • 2 x 20 task cards focusing on number bonds up to 20
  • Recording sheets and answer keys for the task cards

Differentiated number bond task cards

Simply pick which set your learner needs to work on, and then provide them with the matching recording sheet so their record their answers. Answer keys are included in the packet as well, so learners will be able to check their answers after they are done.

Using the Winter Number Bond Task Cards

To prep this printable, simply print the cards on cardstock in color or black and white. If you are printing in black and white you can print on colored paper to provide to make the printable colorful and attractive for your learner. 

Laminate if desired and cut apart to create the task cards.

Print out the recording sheets accordingly.

Learners will pick up the task cards, and figure out the missing number in the number bond. If they need some help figuring out the answer, provide your learner with some manipulatives that they can use to figure out the missing number.

They will then write the answers on the recording sheets. 

Learners can check their answers using the answer keys provided within.

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To download your copy of the winter themed number bond task cards click on the link or image below.

<<Winter Themed Number Bond Task Cards>>


Number Bond Task Cards


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