Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers – Hands-On Winter Activities for Kindergarten

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Looking for some fun, hands-on and engaging kindergarten winter activities to keep your little learners engaged? This printable packet of Hands-On Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy centers are perfect for your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. It contains so many fun activities that your learners will definitely LOVE and ask you for them over and over again! These Winter Activities for Kindergarten are perfect for use in morning bins or tubs, early finishers or for use in math and literacy centers as small group activities or independent work. There are 4 FREEBIES included in this blog post, so make sure grab them at the end of this blog post.

Winter Activities for Kindergarten

Winter Activities for Kindergarten

The winter season has officially started and while some of you might experience snow and cold weather, I still experience warm weather on the sunny island of Singapore! One way, to get learners to experience the cold winter weather is to get them involved in winter hands-on activities and centers.

That is exactly what this bundle of Kindergarten Winter Activities with a ton of Math and Literacy centers does! With over a 1000 pages of activities and 27 products included in this bundle, there is enough to find something for every single PreK and Kindergarten learner. There are lots of differentiation options also included within each center, making this bundle suitable for learners of all abilities and levels.

This blog post will give a very quick overview of each center that’s included, to find out more about the bundle you can check out the preview over here.

Hands-On Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers

Hands-on Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers – A Look Inside

If you’re looking for a fun alphabet match-up activity, this snow globe alphabet craft activity is a perfect hands-on matching center!

Your students will love making silly but grammatically correct winter themed sentences with this Winter Sentence Building Activity.

Practice rhyming and word families with this super fun and hands-on Rhyming Snowman activity.

Learners can identify the middle sounds and sort it with this Middle Sounds Sorting Activity mat.

Hands-on Winter Activities for Kindergarten

Get learners engaged in learning with these Penguin and Winter themed literacy Sensory Bins! They’re so much fun and best of all your learners won’t even realize they’re learning!

Learners will be able to practice alphabet letter recognition and beginning sounds with this fun, interactive and hands-on printable.

Winter Sensory Bins Activity

These winter ten frame mats are a great activity to get learners practicing their subitizing using manipulatives in a hands-on manner.

This fun winter number sense craft activity is a perfect match-up activity to get learners revising their subitizing and number sense skills. Includes numbers from 1 to 20 for easy differentiation between your learners!

Looking for a simple counting center? These count and match winter cards are so much fun! Simply give learners magnetic letters or a dry erase marker and learners will have a blast counting winter objects!

Add this 2D Shape Puzzle activity to your winter math centers! This simple puzzle activity is sure to have learners practice recognizing and identifying their 2D shapes in a fun winter theme!

Winter Activities for Kindergarten

Do your learners love messy play? Why not include in some learning activities in as well, your learners are sure to enjoy playing and learning at the same time! These penguin and winter math sensory bins are the perfect activities for this!

Learners will be able to practice numbers recognition, counting, subitizing and 2D shapes with this fun, interactive and hands-on printable.

Winter Sensory Bins Activity

Learning new vocabulary is so important! Learn new vocabulary words with these winter things vocabulary cards. The cards use real photos which I’m sure your learners will LOVE!

These winter activities vocabulary cards are equally fun and also come with real photos! I especially love the photos in this printable.

Winter vocabulary flash cards

Do your learners love patterns? These hands-on winter pattern centers and activities are the perfect resource to get learners familiar with patterns!

The printable includes 6 centers covering the 4 pattern types; AB, AAB, ABB and ABC.

Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers

This kindergarten winter writing center is the perfect opportunity to get learners writing and learning new vocabulary! The different activities included in this writing center makes differentiating a breeze with your learners!

Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers

Revealing a mystery picture after solving a math puzzle is so much fun! Use these Math Picture Puzzles to get learners practicing their number sense, addition, subtraction, missing addends and prepositions! The printable includes a ton of differentiation for your learners as well.

Your learners will have a ton of fun sequencing the numbers from 1 to 20 to reveal the mystery winter scene. For easy differentiation, the printable comes in 3 different options from 1 to 10, 11 to 20 and 1 to 20. Grab the number sequencing printable and start ordering numbers.

Winter Math Kindergarten Centers

If your learners love practicing with puzzles then these Winter Literacy Picture Puzzles are a great option for your kindergarten students! Your learners will have a ton of fun practicing alphabet letters, beginning sounds, CVC words and rhyming all while putting together a puzzle.

This Alphabet Sequencing A to Z puzzle is perfect for learners who need some practice with their alphabet recognition.

Kindergarten Winter Literacy Centers

These Alphabet tracing strips are perfect if your learners need some help with their handwriting skills.

Of course, there’s a version for tracing numbers too! It includes numbers all the way to 100.

Use these FREE winter color clip cards to practice color recognition with your learners. These are great for practicing fine motor skills too! Grab them as a freebie at the end of the blog post.

These winter objects rainbow color clip cards are such a hands-on and fun color recognition activity for your preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers

These CVC word building strips are a great way for learners to practice building their CVC words. Simply give them magnetic letters and let them have fun building the words!

These winter short stories are such a great way to practice sequencing! Learners will read the short sentences and place the picture cards to sequence the story. This is a freebie which you can grab at the end of this blog post.

Build a math snowman and practice addition and subtraction facts at the same time! Includes numbers from 0 to 10. Grab the freebie here!

These winter non-standard measurement mats are a superb way to get learners practicing their non standard measurement skills. Such a fun and hands-on way to practice measurement!

Kindergarten Winter Activities

If you’re looking for some quick and easy to prep task cards activities, then this bundle of math and literacy clip cards are perfect for your learners! With 20 sets of clip cards, there’s something for every learner!

Winter Kindergarten Clip Cards

There are 14 sets of math clip cards covering topics such as counting, prepositions, 2D shapes, number recognition and number sense!

Kindergarten Clip Cards

There are also 6 literacy sets of clip cards included covering alphabet recognition, syllables, beginning and ending sounds! It comes in a version with clipart and real photos. That’s a ton of activities and concepts for your learners to practice on!

Kindergarten Clip Cards

These hands-on winter addition and subtraction mats are such a fun and hands-on way to get learners practicing and understanding their addition and subtraction facts! There are several options included in the printable so make sure to check them out below.

Winter addition and subtraction

If your learners need some help with their fine motor skills, make sure to check out these printables!

These Winter popsicle stick mats are the perfect fine motor activity. It also doubles as a fun stem activity for even more hands-on fun!

For some cutting practice, make sure to grab these mitten scissor skills cutting practice and craft activity! Your learners will have a ton of fun cutting apart mittens and pasting them back to create a cute mitten!

If you’re looking for a quick, no-prep tracing activity, then these mitten tracing mats are a great and quick winter fine motor and tracing activity.

Kindergarten Winter Fine Motor Skills Activity

For a fun coloring freebie, grab these winter bookmarks in the subscriber library over here! These make for such a fun activity for your learners and such a cute winter keepsake!

Winter Bookmarks Kindergarten

Kindergarten Winter Bundle!

To grab all these printables at a HUGE discount, click on the image below to grab your winter bundle of printables!

Kindergarten Winter Activities

Kindergarten Winter Math and Literacy Centers FREEBIES:

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