Subitizing and Addition Worksheets (Number Sense)

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Grab these Subitizing and Addition Worksheets to practice and firm up on your learner’s number sense. These worksheets are perfect for your kindergarteners and first graders as they practice their number sense, using subitizing and addition skills. The worksheets only focus on subitizing and addition up to 9, so it is suitable for learners who are just beginning to learn subitizing and counting.

Subitizing and Addition Worksheets

These worksheets are simple, no-prep worksheets that will allow your learners to practice their addition and subitizing. Simply download, print and present the pages to your learners.

Subitizing and Addition Worksheets – Number Sense

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Subitizing and Addition Worksheets

Materials for the printable:

Using the printable:

This printable is NO-PREP which makes is so much easier. Just print and you are ready to go! This worksheet only focuses on addition to 9, so it is suitable for learners who are just beginning to learn subitizing and counting.

Each question in the worksheet contains three parts for the learner to complete. Refer below for more detailed instructions.

  • Subitize/count the total number of dots in the dice.
  • Fill in the pumpkin ten frame with the correct number of dots.
  • Write down the addition statement for the total number of dots, based on the yellow and blue dots.

Instructions to complete Subitizing and Addition Worksheets

The printable worksheets includes three parts for the learner to complete. The learner will first need to identify the total number of dots in the dice by subitizing or counting. If the learner is not familiar with subitizing they can first practice by counting. Then, they will have to fill in the 10 frame that’s just below the dice to indicate the number of dots. This is another form of subitizing that learners will need to learn. Dotting in the pumpkin ten frames practices subitizing, counting and fine motor skills as they dot within the squares.

The final step will be writing down the number sentence. This will be based on the two different colored dots within the dice. The learners can first write the number of yellow dots, followed by the number of blue dots and finally the total number of dots within the dice.

The purpose of these worksheets is to help the learners familiarize themselves with the concept of subitizing as well as addition through subitizing. Starting off with smaller numbers, will help the learners subitize easier before they move on to larger numbers.

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