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  • Adult and Baby animals

    Adult and Baby Animals Bundle – Puzzles, Flashcards, Posters


    Your students will have a blast learning about adult and baby animals with these hands-on animals and babies activities for kindergarten! This printable contains adorable real photos of adult and baby animals. Including both wild and farm animals, they make the perfect addition to your kindergarten science centers. This bundle contains 8 printables and activities…

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    Animal Skin Covering matching cards


    These cards will intrigue your little learners as they try to match the patterns to the correct animals. There are a total of 30 animals featured here, all of which have exquisite patterns or distinct features that will enable them to match up the skin covers to the animals. Pair this set of matching cards…

  • All about bees unit study

    Bees Non Fiction Insect Animal Unit – Kindergarten 1st and 2nd grade


    Learn all about bees with this information packed Bees Non Fiction Insect Unit for students in kindergarten, first and second grade. Featuring over 100 pages, this bees study unit is filled with information on bees, beekeeping, honey and the life cycle. More specifically, students will read about the parts of a bee, its behavior, social…

  • Sale! Kindergarten Earth Day Bundle

    Earth Day Bundle | Pollution and Recycling

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    This mini Earth Day Bundle is perfect to teach your students all about Pollution and Recycling. This bundle contains 5 non-fiction readers as well as a sorting recycling activity. With these Earth Day activities, learners will learn about pollution, its effect on Earth and how to recycle items properly to conserve and protect our Earth….

  • Earth Day Pollution

    Earth Day Reader | Pollution | Non-Fiction


    This printable contains a set of Earth Day Pollution. These Earth Day readers are perfect to teach your learners about pollution and its effects on Earth. Learners will also be exposed to real-life images of pollution and its damage to the environment as well as ways that can help to conserve and protect our Earth…

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    Fruits Flashcards Comprehension reading


    Children love learning about fruits, and how they look like. This set provides them with all the information they need about fruits. It includes a few details about the fruits, such as the outer appearance, the inside appearance, taste and their uses. This material consists of: – 27 cards with fruits and their labels –…

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    Fruits Matching Activity


    Children are familiar with the fruits outer appearance, however, they are sometimes unfamiliar with how the fruits look on the inside. This montessori inspired matching activity is ideal for teaching children about how the inside of the fruits look like. Just ask to match and let them examine the pictures! This material consists of: –…

  • Recycling Sorting Activity

    Recycling Sorting Activity – Earth Day Activity


    Have fun this Earth Day with this fun and hands-on Recycling Sorting Activity. This Earth Day activity is perfect to teach your learners about recycling and its importance. Learners will sort the items into different bins and learn about the different materials that can be recycled. โญThis printable is also included in the Earth Day…

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    Space and Solar System Task Cards


    Space and Solar System task cards! Consists of 80 task cards, answer key and student recording sheet. These task cards can be used to reinforce concepts taught during class or can be used a simple take home activity for the student to complete. All of the questions are MCQ except for 5 of the questions….