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These hands-on Back to School Sequencing Picture Puzzles are a great option for your kindergarten math and literacy centers this back to school season. These printable puzzles include 15 Back to School Alphabet and Number Sequence Puzzles where students are asked to put the puzzle pieces together using alphabet or number sequences to reveal a picture. 

These puzzles are also great for your early finishers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. The Back to School puzzles come in a super fun school theme making this center perfect for use when starting Back to School.

⭐ These Back to School Sequencing Puzzles are also included in the following bundles: 

Each kindergarten sequencing picture puzzle is a fun, Back to School themed photo. These puzzles allow for independent learning since these are self checking.

What is in this kindergarten math and literacy sequencing center packet?

The printable contains the following activities and printables:

9 Number Sequencing Puzzles

  • 1 to 10 (3 puzzles)
  • 11 to 20 (3 puzzles)
  • 1 to 20 (3 puzzles)

6 Alphabet Sequencing Puzzles

  • Uppercase letters (3 puzzles)
  • Lowercase letters (3 puzzles)

Templates for easy puzzle solving

How to best use this kindergarten back to school sequencing puzzle packet?

  • Print, laminate and cut apart the pages to create the puzzle pieces.
  • Choose the puzzle you need depending on your learner’s needs. The puzzles allow for easy differentiation.
  • Learners will put the puzzle pieces together to recreate the back to school scene. They will either sequence the alphabet letters from A to Z or sequence numbers from 1 through 20.

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