Kindergarten Spring Writing Centers and Sentence Building Activity

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Looking for some fun ways to encourage your learners to write? Check out these these Kindergarten Spring Writing Centers and activities. This printable is a bundle of two fun and engaging centers; the Kindergarten Spring Writing Center and Sentence Building Activity. These two Spring Writing centers are perfect to get your learners excited about writing, increasing their vocabulary and practice building sentences!

Spring Kindergarten Writing Center

Kindergarten Spring Writing Centers and Sentence Building Activity

This printable consists of a bundle of two activities both of which can be used to practice writing with your learners.

The first activity is a more typical Spring Writing Center which consists of vocabulary, practicing beginning sounds and spelling and writing the words.

Spring Kindergarten Writing Center

The second activity is a Spring Sentence Building activity in which learners will practice building sentences using a hands-on sentence mat. Learners will build both real and silly sentences. They will then read out the sentence or they can opt to write the sentence in the recording sheet.

Spring Sentence Building Activity

Kindergarten Spring Writing Center

This printable is the first of the two printables in the bundle.

This printable is a Differentiated Spring Writing Center for Kindergarten. This writing center is a great resource for your kindergarteners writing station for Spring and April. This writing center contains writing activities for Spring related vocabulary.

Materials Required

  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Dry erase marker

This Printable Contains

  • Vocabulary chart
  • Word cards (4 Types)
  • Write the room picture cards
  • 3 Differentiated recording sheets

Spring Vocabulary Chart


Using this Printable – Kindergarten Spring Writing Center

First up, is the vocabulary chart. This chart is an excellent tool to serve as a reference for your learners to refer to the words or check the spelling. Use the vocabulary chart as a fun vocabulary game where learners will point out the picture when the word is said to them.

The next one is word cards. These can be used as vocabulary cards which can be placed in a writing center for the learners to refer to or for them to practice on. There are 4 different versions so you can give learners whichever version depending on their needs.

  • Solid font word cards: This version can be placed in a writing center for learners to refer to, or they can use these to build the word using magnetic letters.
  • Tracing font word cards: Laminate these and give these to your learners with a dry-erase marker. Learners will be able to trace the word.
  • Lined blank word cards: Learners will use a dry-erase marker and write out the words on the lines themselves. This serves as an excellent spelling practice.
  • Blank word cards: Learners will build the word using magnetic letters for a fun and hands-on spring spelling activity.

Spring Writing Center

Write the Room Activity – Spring Writing Activity

The printable also includes small square-shaped write the room cards. Place these around the room and provide your learner one of the 3 recording sheets. The recording sheets are differentiated to suit your learners needs. Simply pick which works best and give that to your learner.

They will walk around the room and find the card. They will then write the beginning sound, trace the word or write it depending on which recording sheet they use. This is a great activity which allows learners to move around as well while learning at the same time. 

Recording sheets

The final part of this printable is a mini-vocabulary book. Cut apart the pages to create small vocabulary cards. Staple these pages together to give each learner a mini-vocabulary book, or laminate and place the flashcards in the writing center for reference. 

This fun and hands-on spring writing center is sure to engage your learners and make them more willing to write. To grab this copy of the Spring Writing Center, click on the link below.

Spring Writing Center

<Kindergarten Spring Writing Center>


Spring Sentence Building Activity – Kindergarten Spring Writing Center

The next printable in this bundle is a fun and hands-on Spring Sentence Building Activity. In this printable, learners will learn to build sentences using this hands-on sentence building mat. Learners will be able to learn more about sentence structure while also building their vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner. This is a fun and hands-on sentence building activity which can couple as a Kindergarten Spring Writing Center.

Materials Required

  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Dry erase marker

This Printable Contains 

  • 18 Character Cards for Who?
  • 18 Activity Cards for What?
  • 18 Place Cards for Where?
  • Sentence Building Mat (Who? What? Where?)
  • 2 Differentiated Recording Sheets

Build a Silly Sentence

Using this Printable – Build a Spring Sentence

Print and laminate the sentence building mat.

Print and laminate the pages and cut apart to create the cards. Place the cards into three piles, based on the color.

Print copies of the recording sheet if required.

Present the sentence building mat to your learner. Point out to the learner that the mat is color coded. The boxes on the mat match the cards which are presented to the learner. 

The learner will match the cards from each pile onto the corresponding box on the sentence building mat. They will likely end up building a silly sentence. The learner will read out the sentence that they have built. You can also get the learner to write the sentence that they created onto the recording sheet.

Sentence Building Activity

A Great Vocabulary Building Activity!

There are 18 picture cards for each box, which means that there a total of 54 picture cards. This makes this is a great vocabulary building activity while also teaching learners about sentence structure at the same time. 

Learners will be able to practice grammar, the different parts of the sentence, and also explore tons of new vocabulary with this fun printable!

This fun and hands-on spring sentence building activity is sure to be engage your learners and make them love building and reading their sentences. 

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Build a Spring Sentence

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