All About Space Unit (K to 3rd grade)


Kids love learning about Space and the mysterious outer world, and with this set of posters they can learn all about the Solar System, planets, asteroid, meteors and so much more!

So recently Trucker has developed an interest in learning about space. He has loved messing around with his space figurines. So I decided to create some posters featuring the vocabulary commonly associated with Space.

The printable features 40+ space related words, with a real photo and a short paragraph describing each word in more detail. This helps to provide more context to the word and helps the learner understand it better. 

While completing this unit, students will learn about:

  • The Solar System
  • The 8 Planets
  • The Sun
  • Dwarf Planets and Pluto
  • The Moon
  • Astronauts
  • Meteorites
  • Asteroids
  • Many more space terms!


There are a couple of options as to how you want to present this material.

The first one would be to use these pages as posters, the pictures are large, the text is also pretty large, so they work very well as posters. For a space theme, place the pages you want to introduce your learner to on the wall, and explain the pages. You can read the text out yourself or ask your learner if there are able to read. I would recommend only placing a few posters around, to prevent it from being too overwhelming to your learner, the content will after all be new, so it will be better to introduce it slowly.

Another option is to bind it, and use it like a booklet. Again, do not overwhelm the child with the content. Pick out interesting words such as ‘astronaut’, ‘universe’, ‘solar system’, and so on, and introduce these first. They probably would have heard these words somewhere, so they will be more familiar with it.

Read out the text to them. Look through the pictures together and ask the child their opinion about space, you can include some figurines in as well. 

This material can definitely last your little learner for about a month if you consider introduce only one or two words a day to them, there’s plenty of words to build their vocabulary. If you like to grab this printable do head over here to my TpT store to purchase a copy of the printable for yourself.



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