Winter Fun Emergent Readers

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I live in a tropical area, so its pretty much impossible to experience snow. That coupled with my sensitivity to cold, might be why I have never dreamt of wanting to live in cold countries. Despite this, I have always found a fascination with winter and love seeing pictures of fun activities that can be done during winter. I created 4 emergent winter readers, covering winter and snow fun to provide an insight into what winter is like and what people can do during winter. There are now available in my store over here.



There are 4 emergent readers and the tiles are as follows:

1. Animal Winter Sports

2. Let’s Get Dressed for Skiing

3. Snow Fun

4. Let’s Learn to Ski

They are great for classroom books, guided reading groups, at home practice, and more!

The books come in both colour and blackline versions. Just print the version you like!

These readers contain simple text to support early readers, as well as sight words.







Print the book you want or print them all

Copy the pages back to back.

Cut in half, staple, and you have two books! Repeat as needed!


Ideas for teaching a winter unit:

  • If you live in a tropical country like me experiencing snow or cold might be difficult. There are some ways that you can allow your children to get an experience of winter.
  • If the area you live in has a place with artificial snow, like a snow city you can take them for a visit there. This allows them to experience cold, snow and it might even have some fun activities such as snow tubing. 
  • Ice skating is also a fun activity. Explain the concept of ice skating in cold countries that it can be done over frozen ponds, lakes and other water bodies when temperatures drop to the point that water freezes and allows for winter fun such as ice skating.
  • Using 3-Part cards related to winter vocabulary such as those, can widen a child’s winter vocabulary. The use of real photos in these cards allows children to see the activities that are done during winter and even what people wear during winter. Click the image below to find out more.
  • Do fun crafts of polar animals, such as the polar bear and penguin and learn how the polar animals adapt to living in the cold regions.


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