Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page Activity

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Looking for a fun and hands-on way to introduce symmetry? This fun and hands on Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page Freebie is perfect if your little learners are just getting introduced to the concept of symmetry. This symmetry coloring worksheet activity is perfect for a Christmas math unit but would perfectly well if you would just like to use it to introduce symmetry. This printable is perfect for your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders who are interested in symmetry. Grab your symmetry coloring page and start learning all about symmetry!

Symmetry Coloring Page Activity

Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page Activity Freebie

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I am crazily obsessed over anything symmetrical and it gives me such a sense of satisfaction to see things placed symmetrically. So I had a great sense of satisfaction creating this freebie, and I hope your learners will love it as much as I do!

Learning About Symmetry

Symmetry is a fun and exciting concept for learners, and best of all its a very visual concept. This makes it much more fun and exciting for learners, since they are able to look at the concept visually and understand it much better.

One of the things I love about symmetry, is how you can use things around you to explain the concept. Once you explain the basic concept behind symmetry, which is both sides of an object are identical to each other. You can further explain that one part is a mirror image of the other and the line that divides the two parts is called a line of symmetry.

Learning about symmetry

You can now use objects or things around to explain it. For example things such as blocks, books, rectangular tables, boxes have a line of symmetry. You can explain this to them and show them where the line of symmetry exists and how it divides the object into 2 equal parts which are mirror images of each other.

From here, you can then ask learners to choose objects around the classroom which are symmetrical and point out the line of symmetry. They might choose pencils, crayons, lego blocks, toys and so on. Allow them to explain their thoughts on the objects that they have chosen which will give you an understanding of how they comprehend the concept of symmetry.

Extending this Activity

A tricky question to ask learners might be to give them a used pencil or crayon and asking them to compare with a new un-used one. Learners will then have to decide whether both are symmetrical and if so, where the line of symmetry might likely exist. This is an extension of the activity and can be given to learners who show a great interest in learning about symmetry.

Learners can also go outdoors and explore things outside to figure out whether anything else might have lines of symmetry in them. Common examples might be flowers, gates, buildings, benches and so on.

Learning about symmetry Around us

Symmetry can also be explored in alphabet letters and shapes. Quite a few of the English alphabet letters are symmetrical and this would be a very fun activity for learners to explore. Font plays a huge role in whether the letter is symmetrical or not, so this would a great way to teach learners that depending on the font being used, the symmetry of the letter will be affected.

2D and 3D shapes are awesome examples of symmetry. Regular polygons are symmetrical and can also have multiple lines of symmetry. Irregular polygons on the other hand might not be always symmetrical, and this can be a fun way for learners to explore symmetry in shapes. Exploring symmetry in 3D shapes is slightly more tricky, however it can be a fun visual activity for learners.

To Prep the Symmetry Activity Printable:

The printable consists of a single coloring page. There are a total of 5 ornaments on the page.

The ornament symmetry printable NO PREP printable. So simply, download and print the page out.

Symmetry Coloring Page Worksheet

Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page – Using the printable:

  • Present the printable to your learner.
  • Explain to them that in things around us we see the idea of symmetry, where two sides match each other.
  • Instruct that there are required to color the blank side of the ornament to match the colored side such that both sides are the same.
symmetry Coloring Page
  • Once they are done, explain that if the ornament was to be folded into half, both sides would be the same. 
  • You can extend the explanation with pointing out things around us that have symmetry, e.g. shapes, our body, objects around us, and even the alphabet letters.

Here, is a completed version of this symmetry printable. I hope your learners benefit greatly from this printable. 

Symmetry Coloring Page

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Symmetry Coloring Page Activity

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