Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page

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Looking for a fun and hands-on way to introduce symmetry? This fun and hands on Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page Freebie is perfect if your little learners are just getting introduced to the concept of symmetry. This is perfect for a Christmas math unit but would perfectly well if you would just like to use it to introduce symmetry. This printable is perfect for your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders who are interested in symmetry.

Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page

Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page Freebie

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I am crazily obsessed over anything symmetrical and it gives me such a sense of satisfaction to see things place symmetrically. So this printable just evokes my deepest pleasures and I really loved creating this. 

Christmas Printable ornament symmetry

This printable contains:

The printable consists of a single coloring page. There are a total of 5 ornaments on the page.

To Prep:

The ornament symmetry printable NO PREP printable. So simply, download and print the page out.

ornament coloring page

Ornament Symmetry Coloring Page – Using the printable:

  • Present the printable to your learner.
  • Explain to them that in things around us we see the idea of symmetry, where two sides match each other.
  • Instruct that there are required to color the blank side of the ornament to match the colored side such that both sides are the same.

  • Once they are done, explain that if the ornament was to be folded into half, both sides would be the same. 
  • You can extend the explanation with pointing out things around us that hhave symmetry, e.g. shapes, our body, objects around us, and even the alphabet letters.

Here, is a completed version of this symmetry printable. I hope your learners benefit greatly from this printable. 

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