Your Kids Will Love The Adult And Baby Animal Activities

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Who doesn‚Äôt love baby animals? Your kids will love learning the names of baby animals and their adults with these hands-on and engaging printables and activities. This printable bundle provides a great addition to your Adult and Baby Animals curriculum and will add discovery and excitement to your Science Centers!

This lesson features real photos of these adorable and cute baby animals; your students will have a blast learning about adult and baby animals with these hands-on animals and babies activities for kindergarten! 

Grab the free adult and baby animals printable at the end of this blog post and then head over and grab the whole bundle for a whole lot of learning and cuteness!

Adult to Baby Animals

Adult and Baby Animals Matching Activities with FREEBIE

The adult and baby animals printable bundle contains 8 printables and hands-on activities to help learners learn about the names of baby animals and their parents.

The bundle includes posters, puzzles, flashcards, labels, and graphic organizers. Each activity is designed to help the learner learn about the names of baby animals and the corresponding adult or parent animal. All of the printables feature real photos to make learning engaging and realistic for your little learners!

This post contains a freebie at the end which will give you a little sneak peek into the full bundle, so make sure to grab it below. Simply click on the link at the end of this post for the freebie and the printable will open up for you to download, print, and use!

Adult to Baby Animals

Learning About Names of Adults and Baby Animals with Real Photos

The Adult and Baby animals bundle is absolutely one of my favorites simply because of the adorable images includes. All of the pictures are real photos, and the babies are simply so CUTE! The printable contains a total of 8 printables and hands-on activities and centers that will allow learners to both learn the names of the baby animals, and also match the baby animal to its respective adult or parent animal.

Adult to Baby Animals

The adult and baby animals printable includes:

There are a total of 40 baby animals included in this printable, making this bundle HUGE! The bundle contains so many baby animals that it is split into two sets of printables, wild animals and farm animals. The list of animals included is listed below.

Farm Animals included are:

  • Sheep (lamb)
  • Goat (kid)
  • Cow (calf)
  • Dog (puppy)
  • Horse (foal)
  • Chicken (chick)
  • Goose (gosling)
  • Duck (duckling)
  • Pig (piglet)
  • Donkey (foal)
  • Rabbit (kit)
  • Cat (kitten)
  • Rat (pup)
  • Cockatoo (chick)
  • Guinea pig (pup)
  • Ferret (kit)
  • Frog (tadpole)
  • Squirrel (kit)
  • Turkey (poult)
  • Camel (foal)
Farm Adult to Baby Animals

Wild Animals included are:

  • Tiger (cub)
  • Lion (cub)
  • Elephant (calf)
  • Polar Bear (cub)
  • Cheetah (cub)
  • Panda (cub)
  • Fox (cub)
  • Crocodile (hatchling)
  • Leopard (cub)
  • Hippo (calf)
  • Rhinoceros (calf)
  • Hedgehog (hoglet)
  • Raccoon (kit)
  • Seal (pup)
  • Deer (fawn)
  • Herring gull (chick)
  • Giraffe (calf)
  • Zebra (foal)
  • Sea lion (pup)
  • Hyena (cub)
  • Penguin (chick)
  • Vulture (chick)
Wild Adult to Baby Animals

The farm animals are not specifically only farm animals and do also include animals that can be domesticated such as ferrets, squirrels, and cockatoos as well.

Printables and Hands-on Matching Activities

Adult and Baby Animals
Adult and Baby Animals Printable

Therefore, even though the printable is split into farm and wild animals, the activities included are exactly the same, and the contents can be mixed together while learning (except for the Dominoes matching game). Check out how learners can learn about adult and baby animals with these fun printables and activities. All of the printables feature real photos to make learning engaging and realistic for your little learners!


The printable bundle contains the following activities included:

  • Posters
  • Flashcards
  • Picture and Label Cards
  • Puzzles
  • What Goes Together?
  • Dominoes
  • Memory Matching Cards
  • Labels and Graphic Organizers

Materials Required:

Adult and Baby Animals Posters

First, these posters are simple, with bright photos and clear wording, which allows learners to quickly learn about animals and the names of their young ones. Second, these posters are half-page in size and can be printed to be smaller if necessary. Third, use these posters for reference around your classroom during a science center or even a writing activity.


Adult and Baby Animals Posters

Animals and Their Young Ones Flashcards

I love using flashcards to teach vocabulary and new terms and this unit is no different. Flashcards are so versatile because of all the amazing opportunities it offers to teach learners new words and vocabulary. 
Adult to Baby Animals flashcards
  • You can use the flashcards as is, or alternatively punch a hole through the corner of each card and put the cards onto a ring binder. Learners can flip through the flashcards to learn about adult and baby animals. These can also be used as a vocabulary enrichment activity.
  • Incorporate the flashcards into a unit about animals and use them to teach the learners about animals and their babies.
  • Use figurines of the animals or their babies and match the animals to the figurines. I personally love the SAFARI Ltd figurines. They are small but extremely detailed.
  • Lastly, use the flashcards for a simple pocket chart matching activity. Place the adult cards into the pocket holder and get your learners to match the baby animals beside it.
Animals and Babies


Picture and Label Cards – Adult and Baby Animals Names

The next activity is matching. This is a great hands-on activity for kids reading and recognizing animal names. Simply cut apart the label word and pictures and get learners to match them back together. 

Adult to Baby Animals Flashcards

This activity can be made into a 3-Part vocabulary matching activity. The flashcards will be used as the control card and learners will match the label to the picture based on the control card. This is great to build vocabulary and help learners to read the words and also practice visual discrimination and matching.

Baby Animals Flashcards

Puzzles – Baby Animals Names and Adults

These puzzles are a great way to help learners to practice matching the adult to the young ones. Learners will match the 2 pieces of the puzzles together based on their knowledge of animals and their young ones.

Adult and Baby animals puzzles

What Goes Together? Match the Baby Animal Association Activity

This activity is perfect for learners to practice animal-to-baby association. In this activity, learners will match the baby animal to the adult animal present on the card. This activity is such a fun and hands-on activity. However, to prevent the cards from slipping, simply attach some velcro dots onto the box and the back of the card. This allows for a fun matching activity. You can opt to store the cards on a binder ring by punching a hole in the corner of each card and putting it through a binder ring. 

Baby Animal Association Activity

This is a fantastic resource for a word association activity as well, and learners can have so much fun playing this activity. To challenge your learners simply increase the number of cards that are given at any one time.

 Animals  matching game

Dominoes Adult to Baby Animals Matching Game

I have recently been obsessed with creating Domino Matching activities, and I simply had to create one for this bundle as well. Again, in this activity, learners will match the baby animals to its adult based on the dominoes. They can place the dominoes either horizontally or vertically and make the domino trail go whichever way they like. 

Matching Game

First, the dominoes come in a half-page size which is perfect for a floor game where all the learners can play together. Second, the dominoes can be printed smaller, by printing several pages onto one, and third this will make the activity perfect for a table game to learn about adult to baby animals . 

Animal matching cards


Adult and Baby Animals Memory Cards Matching Game

In this center, learners will play a fun memory game. For this activity, print the cards on cardstock, or print the pattern at the back of the card to prevent the pictures from showing through. Place the cards face down in a grid pattern. Start off with 5 pairs of adult and baby animals and place them in a 2 by 5 grid pattern in random order. However, learners will flip over two cards at a time to find a match. If they find a match they get to keep the pair of cards, and if not they must turn it over and the next player gets a turn. Increase the number of pairs over time to match the activity more challenging for your learners.

Animal Memory game

Labels and Graphic Organizers for Adult to Baby Animals

Lastly, the printables in this bundle are labels and graphic organizers. There are a variety of worksheets included of various levels, so learners will be able to draw or record information about what they have learned in this unit. Labels are also included for some fun sorting activities if required.

Animals Graphic Organizers

 However, this wraps up the Adult and Baby Animals Bundle and for a little freebie of this unit click on the link at the end of this post to download it and then head over here to grab the whole bundle!

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