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Looking for a fun way to practice your kiddos beginning sounds? Check out these hands-on, engaging and funĀ Alphabet Wheels Clip Cards. These Alphabet wheels are cute, colorful and best of all are such a fun way to practice those tricky beginning sounds. Practice beginning sounds with these alphabet wheels with your preschoolers and kindergarteners for endless fun and learning!Ā Click here or the image below to grab them.

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Alphabet Wheels - Beginning Sounds

Alphabet Wheels – Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

This printable will focus on the 26 alphabet letters and the beginning sounds associated with each letter. This printable is most suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are familiar with the 26 letter sounds and need practice differentiating between beginning sounds in words.

Alphabet Wheels

Wheel Clip Cards Bundle

The Alphabet Wheels are part of a larger Wheel Clip Cards Bundle, if you would like to get the bundle, click here or the image below.

wheel Clip Cards Bundle

Alphabet Wheels – Beginning Sounds

These Alphabet Wheels are perfect for practicing beginning sounds with your little learners. If your little learner is just beginning to get the hang of their letter sounds, then this printable is perfect for them.Ā 

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This printable contains:

27 Alphabet Wheels (I included two wheels for ‘x’ one for the words that start with ‘x’ and one wheel for the words that end in ‘x’).

To Prep:

  • Download and print the printable. There are two option provided within the printable for printing. Choose the one that fits your requirement the best.Ā 
    • In the first option there is only one wheel a page, while in the second option there are two wheels per page. This means that the wheels are likely to be a bit smaller but if this is a better fit for you, then print this option. I would suggest doing a test run of printing the pages first, and see which option works better for you.Ā 
  • I would recommend laminating this, since learners will be clipping the answers using clothespins and this will reduce the chances of the printable getting damaged greatly.
  • Cut apart the wheels, grab a box of wooden clothespin and you are ready to go!

Alphabet Wheels

Using the Alphabet Wheels with your learners:

If your learner is just starting to learn their letter sounds, start with the sounds that they are more familiar with. This will allow them to get a hang of using the printable.

Learners be practicing their fine motor skills since they have to use wooden clothespin to clip the sounds. If your learner, does show a lot of frustration while doing this, I would recommend giving them an option of marking their answers in a different way. You can provide them with circle counters or they can use a dry erase marker and circle or mark the correct answers.

Next, start off with one wheel at a time. The letters are written in the middle of the card. Ask your learner to sound out the letter. Then ask them to work their way around the wheel, sounds out the words and the beginning sounds of each picture. They can then clip the sides that match the letter in the middle.

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For example, for the Letter Aa, there are four options in the wheel that match the beginning sounds; ant, astronaut, alligator and apple. Learners will clip those sides. The others areĀ bat, zebra, police officer and mixer. The leaner will skip over those since those do not begin with the letter ‘Aa’.

For each wheel there are 4 options that match the beginning sound, while the other 4 do not.

For additional practice, learners can sound out the beginning sounds for the other 4 incorrect options as well.

As learners, slowly master their beginning sounds they can continue working through the other wheels. They will start gaining confidence and become more familiar with their beginning sounds.

The thing I love most about this alphabet printable is the fact that the wheels contain so many pictures with so many different beginning sounds that you can build on your learner’s vocabulary so much when using these wheels. I love printables that generally offer quite a few options when they are being used by our little learners and these alphabet wheels fit perfectly into that.Ā 

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