Using Engaging Math and Literacy Clip Cards in Kindergarten

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Clip cards are one of the most versatile learning materials in the kindergarten classroom. It lets you accomplish many goals with your learners, like hand-eye coordination, tactile skills, pincer grip, and other fine motor skills. It’s a fun way to exercise those little hands! Plus, it will be a fun way to introduce your kids to basic concepts. 

Enter our Kindergarten Clip Cards Bundle – Math and Literacy Centers. It will help your learners ace several math and literacy skills. 

A collage of the different math and literacy activities in the bundle.

Prep-wise, it requires little prep. All you need to do is print it in card stock, laminate it, and cut it, and it’s good to go for your morning tubs or centers. It can be used for one-to-one correspondence or as a group activity. It targets different skills, such as fine motor practice, number and letter recognition, as well as shapes and color mastery. The possibilities are endless!

Check out this interactive Kindergarten Clip Cards Bundle – Math and Literacy Centers bundle

Using Engaging Math and Literacy Clip Cards in Kindergarten-The Bundle

Let’s take a peek at what’s inside this super bundle!

It covers several math and literacy topics, like 2D shapes, number sense, colors, beginning sounds, alphabet, and number recognition and counting.

It contains 14 sets of kindergarten clip cards (you can even use them for your pre-k, first-grade students, and even your second-graders). This product is a sure hit with your students with its colorful clip art and real images that capture their attention, and it is a great resource for you, too!

Another collage of the activities-these time about colors, shapes and numbers.

You can use them to:

  • Help students gain extra practice
  • A morning work starter activity
  • Provide enrichment to early finishers
  • Use in group activities.

The best part is that you don’t need a lot of materials to make this math and literacy clip cards. You’ll just need basic school supplies and equipment like a printer, cardstock of your choice, laminating machine and film, and scissors.

These wheel clip card bundles hit the spot with a large variety of skills it targets. Plus, they are so easy to store in tubs, folders, or even bound with binder clips. These printable clip cards have different math activities for little learners as well as literacy activities. 

Ready to set up your literacy and math centers with this bundle? This blog post has you covered. 

A Look Inside the Kindergarten Clip Cards Bundle – Math and Literacy Centers Bundle

Each set of cards covers different activities. These are the math skills covered in the bundle: 

  • number sense math activity
  • 2D shapes
  • number recognition
  • color and shapes
  • counting from one to ten
The colors and shapes wheel clip cards in clear plastic containers and a teacup filled with colorful wooden clips.

For literacy, the bundle covers learning about the following skills interactively:

  • letter recognition
  • beginning sounds

The bundle also includes an SEL center which allows learners to learn about emotions and feelings.

Kids will find clipping and unclipping the clothespins their favorite thing to do! 

1. Numbers 1 to 20 Number Sense Activities for Kindergarten – Number Clip Cards

Practice number recognition and number sense skills with this packet! These number-sense clip cards are a perfect addition to your kindergarten math centers. They are not themed, so you can use them with other lesson plans throughout the year. Learners will use clothespins to clip onto the sides corresponding to the number in the middle of the wheel.

Three number clip card wheels in a sky blue, hot pink, and mustard yellow background with wooden clothespins, crayons and plastic numbers.

This center is perfect for a year-round math center and includes numbers all the way from 1 to 20. Learners will build upon their counting, subitizing and place value skills and knowledge. This allows for easy differentiation as well with your learners.

Grab the number sense clip cards. Read more about it in this blog post.

More number wheel clip cards stacked with one another, the visible ones being number 4 and number 10.

2. 2D Shapes Clip Cards Activity for Kindergarten – With Real Photos

Teaching 2D shapes to your learners is so much easier with this packet. As identifying shapes is an important math skill, we have included real photos so kids would recognize them, too! Like the previous set, this one isn’t thematic, so that you can use it anytime. 

Three shapes clip cards stacked together, with the visible one showing a square, while a separate clip card for the rectangle is displayed by the lower middle part of the image.

This includes an answer key that your learners can use to check their answers with. And the real photos are something that your learners are sure to love!

Grab the 2D Shapes in Everyday Objects Clip Cards. Check out the blog post on 2D Shapes in Everyday Objects Clip Cards.

A star clip card with four clothespins clipped where the pictures match the shape.

3. Alphabet Clip Cards – Letter Recognition with Different Fonts – Kindergarten

This packet is a great way to help your students recognize alphabet letters in different fonts. Put a clothespin clip on the letter corresponding to the one in the center, and it’s done! It has uppercase letters as well as lowercase ones to develop alphabet mastery.

Three alphabet clip cards (Bb, Ff and Dd) with clothespins pinned to the target letters.

We recommend using colored clothes pins to add fun to this activity as this is a black-and-white printable. This printable is great for letter recognition within environmental print.

Grab the Alphabet Clip Cards (Letter Recognition).

Three alphabet clip cards with the letters Ee, Aa, and Cc.

4. Number Clip Cards – Number Recognition with Different Fonts – Kindergarten

Another great activity for your hands-on math center, this clip card packet is similar to the Alphabet one just that it’s all about numbers in different fonts! Your learners will love seeing numbers being displayed in different ways.

Number 1, 13 and 10 clip cards with different fonts.

Students will gain confidence with number recognition. Since it involves different fonts it’s a great way to assist students with number recognition within environmental print.

Grab the Number Clip Cards (Number Recognition)

Clip cards for numbers  16, 2 and 4 , in a sky blue, pink, and neon green background.

5. Alphabet Beginning Sounds Clip Card

These low-prep printables are our favorite way to keep kids engaged while learning about beginning sounds. Like the other clip cards, this alphabet wheel promotes independence through hands-on activities. Little learners will have a blast putting clothespins on the wheels corresponding to the letter. 

Alphabet clip cards for Aa and Cc in a background of sky blue, red, and yellow construction paper.

Learners will identify the objects that have beginning sounds matching the letters in the center of the wheel. Includes 26 wheels and each wheel covers one letter of the alphabet.

Grab the Alphabet (Beginning Sounds) Clip Cards. Check out the blog post about the Alphabet (Beginning Sounds) Clip Cards.

Alphabet clip cards Aa and Bb with wooden clothespins  clipped to the pictures with the same beginning sounds

6. Color Clip Cards (with Real Photos) – FREE

This is a free set included in the bundle! A great addition to any math center, these wheel task cards have pictures of real objects. Young learners can quickly identify which ones are the same as the target color.

A stack of color clip cards with the color  pink on top and two more clip cards for orange and blue color.

It’s the perfect resource for a quick, simple and easy color activity! And your learners are sure to love the real photos included!

Grab the Color Clip Cards (with real photos). Check out the blog on the Color Clip Cards.

The color clip card for black,  with clothespins pinned to photos of black objects, and surrounded by markers. pens and clothespins.

7. Color Wheels Clip Card

Bright and colorful, these clip card wheels are similar to the one above but with cute clip art. Use clothespins, regular or colored, to choose the correct answer choices. You can even use the matching colored clothespin for some extra fun to the activity.

Color wheel clip cards for brown, gray and orange with cute drawings on a blue, red and yellow construction paper background.

These are perfect for young children who are learning to recognize their colors and are able to differentiate between them. Both color clip card packets include a total of 11 wheels covering all 11 colors.

Grab the Color Clip Cards (with clipart).

Color clip card wheels in brown and purple.

8. Spring 2D Shape Clip Cards | Kindergarten Shape Activity

We’ve come to one of the themed clip cards in this bundle-and we love how some of the shapes are funny! Like how cute is a heart-shaped ladybug or a hexagonal frog? Fantastical objects help children develop their imagination, too.

Shape clip cards with fun fantasy shapes-like a triangle bee, a circle fish, and a hexagonal carrot.

Perfect for spring too, this packet is sure to make your learners squeal in joy over the funnily shaped objects and animals!

Grab the Spring 2D Shape Clip Cards.

Spring-themed shape clip card wheels in hexagon. star, triangle and circle.

9. Spring Color Clip Cards | Kindergarten Color Activity

Color matching is made more fun with this printable activity set! Clip the color that matches the color of the drawings in the middle of the circle. We caught sight of a gray spade, a pink and blue umbrella, and more spring objects.

Cute color wheel clip cards to match the color with the illustration to match inside the inner circle.

Similar to the previous packet on shapes, these Color Clip Cards are perfect for spring. As learners go through the different cards, they will identify and get familiar with the different spring themed objects. Plus the bright colors are sure to engage your learners.

Grab the Spring Color Clip Cards.

Color clip cards for flower, bee, house and robin's eggs in a nest.

10. Spring Objects (Icons) Color Clip Cards | Kindergarten Color Activity

Feel the wonder of spring in your classroom with this Spring Color Clip Wheels printable! Practice color recognition and identification with these clip cards! Spring icons include butterflies, birdhouses, bees and so much more!

A set of four spring-themed color clip cards for black, blue, red and purple.

Grab the Spring Objects Color Clip Cards.

Four spring theme color clip cards in blue, purple, black, and red.

11. Counting 1 to 10 Clip Cards – Spring Number Sense – Hands-on Counting Activity

Another spring-themed clip card packet in the bundle! This includes charming clip art of spring things and animals. Learners will practice counting as the count the different spring themed things and find the ones that match the number in the middle.

Spring-themed number counting clip cards for the numbers 4, 3 9 and 10.

Perfect for your preschool and kindergarten learners these counting clip cards are a great way to practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and fine motor skills all in one activity!

Grab the Spring Counting Clip Cards.

Four counting clip cards for the numbers 3, 4, 9 and 10.

12. Feelings and Emotions Clip Cards – Spring Matching Emotions Activity

This is one of my favorite packets in the bundle. It’s a great way for learners to identify their emotions and associate them with those shown in cute drawings, like a bee with a smiley face, a mad carrot, or a surprised snail.

Four sets of emotion clip cards-happy, sad, scared and surprised in a hot pink and neon background.

These work great to teach emotions and are perfect as a SEL center for your kindergarten learners.

Grab the Feelings and Emotions Clip Cards.

Four emotion clip cards-happy, sad, scared and surprised with colorful clothespins pinned to the matching pictures of the target emotion.

13. Winter Objects Rainbow Color Clip Cards – Hands-on Color Activity

We also have winter-themed clip cards in this bundle, and this set keeps learners busy matching the target color in the middle of the wheel to the winter-related objects surrounding it.

A set of six winter-themed color clip cards, with a white teacup filled with clothespins at the upper-right hand corner.

 These Winter Icons Color Clip Cards are perfect for identifying and recognizing colors this winter season!

Grab the Winter Objects Rainbow Color Clip Cards.

Four Winter Icon color clip cards in purple, blue, green and brown. with clothespins clipped to the  matching color.

14. Winter Color Clip Cards – Hands-on Color Activity – Color Recognition (FREE!)

It’s like paint cards but for kids! Learners will have fun exploring the winter objects with their beautiful colors and identify and recognize the colors present on them.

A set of four color wheel recognition clip cards with clothespins  clipped on one of the wheels.

These winter-themed color clip cards help learners master color recognition. Best of all it’s a freebie!

Grab the Winter Color Clip Cards!

A set of four color recognition wheel clip cards.

Using Engaging Math and Literacy Clip Cards in Kindergarten

Prepare to set up a fuss-free math and literacy center with this Kindergarten Clip Cards Bundle – Math and Literacy Centers. Hit many math and literacy goals by giving them to your young learners. Enjoy teaching!

FAQs About Math and Literacy Clip Cards in Kindergarten

Q: Is this bundle exclusive for kindergarten?

A: We made these for young kindergarteners, but this also works well for Pre-K up to 2nd-grade learners. Special education students also benefit from this bundle.

Q: How many clip card wheels can I print from this bundle?

A. This resource has a whopping 250 clip card wheels-more than enough for center work or enrichment!

Q: What’s the best way to prepare these clip cards?

A. We recommend printing it in cardstock and then laminate it for extra durability. 

Q: What skills do these clip cards develop?

A: Clip cards offer excellent hand and finger exercise while promoting essential skills like bilateral coordination, proprioception, and hand-eye coordination. These abilities are necessary for a young learner’s development. They can also help address occupational therapy concerns.

Q: When can I use the clip cards?

A. You can use them in multiple ways with your learners such as early finishers, enrichment opportunities, morning work, or even intervention groups. These are just some of the possibilities, so feel free to use them as you see fit with your learners.

Q: Should learners use the clip cards independently or work together to complete the activity?

Again this depends on the purpose of the activity. For an early finisher, they can do the activity by themselves. If the goal is to promote social interaction, it can also be given by groups to foster camaraderie. They are also great things to add to a peer tutoring kit!

A collage of the different math and literacy activities in the bundle.

Jumpstart your little learners’ interest in math and literacy with these Math and Literacy Clip Cards in Kindergarten!

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