Firefly Summer Counting to 20 Activity Mats

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Looking for a fun counting activity? These firefly counting mats are perfect for a summer counting activity. Grab this FREE set of Summer themed counting mats and practice number recognition and counting with your preschoolers and kindergarteners from 1 to 20. Grab your copy of these FREE Firefly Summer Counting to 20 Activity mats at the end of this blog post and have fun counting! Then head over and grab this MEGA bundle of Kindergarten Summer Activities!

Summer Counting Mats to 20

Firefly Summer Counting to 20 Activity Mats

Counting is a basic mathematical skill that any learner will need to develop and learn. I love teaching maths using manipulatives because it makes it so much easier for learners to relate to the skill and concept being taught. Manipulatives such as snap cubes, counters, mini erasers, play dough, basically anything that allows them to connect with the skill being taught makes learning it so much more fun and hands-on!

This fun Firefly Summer Counting Activity will be a fun and hands-on way to help learners practice their number recognition and counting at the same time. Pair this up with some fun counters and you have a fun and hands-on activity to keep your learner occupied and learning!

Summer counting activity

Counting to 20 Mats Free Printable

This Firefly Summer Counting to 20 Activity Mats is a FREE Printable. To grab your free printable, simply scroll to the end of this blog post and click on the link at the bottom <<____>> to download your free printable. Download and save the printable, then print out the required pages.

This Counting to 20 printable contains:

  • Mats containing numbers from 1 through 20
  • A blank version so any number can be written
  • Firefly counters
  • Black and white version of the printable

Materials Required:

  • Free printable (at the end of this post)
  • Printer
  • Laminator

Summer counting mats to 20

Prepping the Counting to 20 Activity Mats:

  • Print and laminate the pages. Print in color or black and white.
  • Cut apart to create the firefly counters or use counters of any sort.


Using the Summer Counting Activity Mats:

These counting mats can be used in a multitude of ways. These are so versatile, I just love the learning opportunities these provide. Below are some of the ways you may wish to use the printable with your learner. However, due to the versatility of this printable, you can always explore with different methods to do the activity. 

As long as your learner is having fun while learning, you’re going a good job so keep doing whatever you are doing! 

Use the firefly counters, mini erasers or playdough to place the matching number of counters on each mat depending on the number in the corner. You can also write a large number and the learner can place the counters accordingly.

If you are using the black and white counting mats, have your learners color or paint the mats for a fun fine motor activity. They can them place the counters onto the mat to complete the counting activity.

For an additional challenge, use the blank mats and write out an addition or subtraction equation. Learners can then use the counters to find the answer to their equation and write down the number. An example is – place two black and white counters and then add three coloured counters. Add the counters together and you have five.

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To download your copy of this printable pack, click on the link below:

Summer counting to 20 mats


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